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Business as unusual: Re-imagining company cars and fleets in the new...

Benefit schemes meant to attract employees such as communal kitchens and canteens will become anathema, while others may not make sense for a business’ bottom line. The company car, once a desirable perk, may soon become a memory with fewer employees commuting and flexible home-work options becoming more common and even permanent. 
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Long Term update – Skoda Superb

The big executive model literally sat idle through much of March, April and May as the Coronavirus kept us all at home and off the road. But now we are allowed out again, the Skoda Superb continues to be a solid performer.
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MINI remains the most super mini of them all

It's been around for more than 60 years and it remains the class leader as underlined by the fact that it has been voted Best Supermini in this year's Business Motoring Awards.
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MINI Countryman – tops the bill for SUVs

The new MINI has grown considerably in size since its relaunch under BMW and none come bigger or better than the second-generation Countryman, the winner of the Best Small SUV category in this year's Business Motoring Awards.
Employee with salary sacrifice car

Salary sacrifice and company cars

SALARY sacrifice is a formal agreement between employee and employer to sacrifice some salary for a new car.Salary sacrifice is sometimes used as an...
Company car tax calculator

Company Car Tax Calculator

Choosing your next company car? Want to cut your CO2 emissions and know how much company car tax you’ll pay? Then use our Company Car Tax Calculator
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How will Coronavirus impact future fleet management?

Large numbers of companies are planning to never completely return to conventional office or depot-based working, and this will unavoidably have an impact on how company vehicles are managed.
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Businesses advised to focus on ‘road-health’

As businesses start to ramp-up operations and road traffic volumes rise, Licence Bureau is advising fleet managers to continue to enact on the ‘new norms’ of social distancing and increased awareness surrounding mental health.


fleet management

Find out what Fleet Management could save you

DEALING with vehicle management used to be complicated, mountains of paperwork, unexpected charges, time-consuming admin, and countless legal responsibilities.Any business that has a fleet...
Car driving within the London ULEZ zone

London’s ULEZ starts in April 2019; and expands in 2021. So...

BUSINESS motorists operating in London, or driving to London to meet clients, should be aware of a significant new charge to drive in the...



How AVC can find the flexible funding for your business motoring

Need to customise your leasing offer? Want a personal lease or personal contract purchase without any hassle? Would you like to be able...
PCP Man at the wheel of a car bought on a PCP

What exactly is a PCP (Personal Contract Purchase)?

PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) in briefVariation of a Hire Purchase agreement Regular monthly payments towards the purchase of a new vehicle are a...


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Keep a check on those licences

Drivers could notch up sufficient penalty points for possible disqualification on just a single journey if they are not continually aware and do not observe smart motorway speed limits.

Budget 2018: VED changes announced for 2020

Budget 2018 Vehicle Excise Duty rates announced that from April 2020 VED rates would be based on WLTP emissions; meanwhile 2019 rates would rise in line with the RPI
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