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Using a hand held mobile phone like this is illegal in the UK – best get a hands-free device!


This content was provided on behalf of  Sainsburys Mobile

WHEN you’re looking for a hands-free device for your car, things can get a little bit complicated.

Finding one to suit your mobile phone can be a bit of a task, especially given that different phones suit different types of sets.

The benefits of a hands-free set are obvious.

In the modern busy lifestyle, being able to answer you phone on the go is often a must.

Whether you need to ring ahead while you’re on the road or have to take an important business call, a hands-free set lets you legally answer your phone while driving.

There are three different types of hands-free options to consider. Read on for more about them.

Using a mobile phone
Get a hands-free kit before you get caught!


This content was provided on behalf of  Sainsburys Mobile


Earsets can sometimes be a little more expensive than other hands-free options; however, they are a good choice when picking a safe way of calling while driving.

An earset hands-free kit sees the microphone sitting closest to your mouth, which means there’s rarely much difficulty in the recipient of the call being able to hear you.

Many people choose to use earsets to quickly and easily take calls in their car, although sometimes the hanging wires can be a little awkward.


These will often plug into the cigarette lighter of your car, and allow you to be totally hands-free.

The microphone will sit somewhere on your dashboard, or sometimes it can stick to the windscreen with a supplied grip.

In order to get good sound quality with sets like this, you might have to pay a little bit more; however, you can find good sets quite easily on Amazon.

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Buy the correct hands-free kit and not only will you stay legal, but it’s a useful business tool

This content was provided on behalf of  Sainsburys Mobile

Built-in Speakerphones

Most smart phones and modern mobile phones will have the option to set calls to speakerphone once you receive them.

It depends on the type of phone you have, but the recipients voice will be output through the phone’s speakers.

This is often not the best choice if you are driving, as it can be difficult to find somewhere to prop your phone unless you have a cradle for it.

Plus, you may have to speak loudly in order to be heard.


Bluetooth headsets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and will usually be part of a set which includes an earpiece.

The earpiece is meant to stay on your ear while you are traveling, and calls can be accepted either by pressing a button on your mobile itself, or by a dashboard-mounted button.

The more expensive the Bluetooth hands-free kit, the better the quality of the sound.

It’s always worth shopping around to get a good idea of what you actually need.

Choosing tariffs

If you have to use your phone a great deal, be it inside of the car or elsewhere, you might be surprised to find that you can get some good prices for phone usage.

Increasingly these days, you will find that you can get better deals when you look somewhere other than the usual big mobile providers.

Supermarkets offer very competitive deals these days. The likes of Mobile by Sainsbury’s and Asda Mobile offer bundles suited for frequent users and allow you to keep on top of your spending whilst collecting reward points.

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