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DIGITAL marketing refers to all efforts used in promoting products and services.

Aside from knowing what car your business should have, it’s essential to know the best digital marketing strategy that you should implement to help achieve your business goals.

Thus, whether you’re into a car dealership or automotive repair, the motoring industry needs to step up by embracing digital marketing strategies to reach more prospects and retain more loyal customers.

Here are some tips on how you can get started with your digital marketing strategy for your motoring business. 

Assess Your Current Marketing Strategy

Because of the wide array of digital marketing strategies available nowadays, it can be overwhelming to choose the best method that’ll work for you. That’s why it’s important to assess your existing marketing strategy to determine what works for you and what are the things you need to let go or improve.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you determine the best digital marketing strategy for your motoring business:

  • Make Comparisons: You can compare your traditional marketing methods to digital marketing methods by assessing your existing campaigns. In this way, you can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Check Your Competitors: Knowing what digital marketing strategies the top players in the industry are doing will give you great insights on what strategies you can use to promote your motoring business.
  • Consult the Expert: Digital marketing agencies, like Caffeine Marketing, can help you kickstart your digital marketing campaign. 

Create a car dealership website

According to statistics, 19 out of 24 times a customer interacts with a car dealership involves digital means. While consumers still browse newspaper ads and seek referrals from family and friends, the majority of the car buying process is now made digital.

That’s why every car dealership should start their digital marketing by having a great dealership website. 

Here are some important factors you should consider when creating a motoring website:

  • User-friendly: Your website should easily move through. It should be easy to use with intuitive user interface and easy-to-see navigation and menu options. 
  • Accessible: Allow your customers to contact you quickly by placing your contact information in an easy-to-see area of your web page, such as beside your company logo, above-the-fold, or part of the screen that users see when they first visit your web page. 
  • Secure: Make sure that you have a secure website so online users don’t need to worry about a cyber threat or to compromise their information, most especially if you want them to subscribe to your newsletter or sign-up or register to your website. 

Know the best digital marketing strategies

One of the best digital marketing strategies for motoring business is social media marketing. As much as people want to flaunt their latest cards on their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts, car business owners can also do the same and attract more customers. 

Maximize the powerful potential of social media marketing for your car dealership. Images and videos generate great interest. With millions of images and videos shared on social media networks every day, the idea of car sales on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms has great potential.

Here are the best digital marketing strategies you can choose from for your motoring business:

  • Email Marketing: One great way to connect with your prospects is via email marketing. It’s a straightforward digital marketing strategy that you can personalize, offering leads great deals they can’t turn down. 
  • Video Marketing: If you want to show how the new features can benefit consumers, creating videos is a good idea. You can test drive a new car model or brand to give an honest review and your expert tips when choosing the best vehicle for them, depending on their intended use. 
  • Content Marketing: Create relevant and engaging content with varying forms for your car dealership business website, such as images, videos, infographics, and audio files.

Choose and combine

Once you’ve determined the best digital marketing strategies for you, it’s time to make a choice. You can combine different marketing strategies, but if you want to take it slowly but surely, then do so. 

Here are the important considerations when choosing the best digital marketing for your car business:

  • Target Audience
  • Timeframe for your marketing campaign
  • Marketing goals 
  • Budget


Digital marketing can be a challenge, most especially if you’ve been promoting your business using traditional methods, like newspaper ads.

However, knowing your current marketing situation, what your top competitors are doing, and your potential to take your marketing strategies to the next level will surely make a great impact on your motoring business. 


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