Friday, August 17, 2018
Home Mileage allowance

Mileage allowance

Keeping an accurate record of your business mileage is critical, whether you are a sole trader, a business car manager, or a company driver. HMRC has a task force out to look through SME business mileage records – with punitive fines for mileage recording errors.

Nissan LEAF 2018 charging

Electric car business mileage rates

The official reimbursement rates for electric car business mileage rates are an area of concern for any SME operating electric cars. Here is the latest position on electric car business mileage rates
Woman driving a private car on business

What pence per mile should I be paying my drivers?

A business owner wants to know what the correct pence per mile they should be paying their employees for using private cars on business use. Editor Ralph Morton provides the answer
Claiming business mileage undertaken in a private car

AMAPs: the tax-free rates to reclaim mileage for using a private car on business

Approved Mileage Allowance Payments - or AMAPs - are the correct tax-free business mileage rates to be used for reimbursing business mileage undertaken in a private car
electric charging tax

Electric charging tax to replace fuel duty

WITH the announcement that all petrol and diesel car sales will end by 2040, it raises the prospect of how the government will replace its current fuel duty tax take.As the...
home charging

Home charging for electric vehicles (EVs)

HOME CHARGING for electric vehicles requires a simple installation close to where the car will be charged and a routine similar to charging a mobile phone as the process takes several...
flat rate expenses

HMRC consultation calls into question flat rate expenses for travel

BUSINESS travel data specialist TMC is urging companies to respond to a new HMRC consultation document that questions whether flat rate expenses for mileage and fuel such as Approved Mileage Allowance...
InstaVolt joins APEA

Government Bill on new fuel rules welcomed as boost for electric vehicle take-up

INSTAVOLT has welcomed new fuel rules to make electric vehicle charging simpler and more accessible for all that should boost electric vehicle take-up.The firm, which is working to install more than...
free fuel

Free fuel and the fuel scale charge

THE level of benefit in kind car tax you pay for receiving free fuel for your company car rises again for the 2017/18 tax year.For the tax year 2017/18 the fuel...

What are business mileage rates for ULEV cars?

IS YOUR company car an ultra low emission vehicle (ULEV), such as a plug-in hybrid, but you don't know what fuel reimbursement rates to use?What you need are the Advisory Fuel Rates,...
company car business mileage

Car allowance business mileage – can I claim more?

Getting your correct mileage entitlementKeith gets company car opt-out allowance of £375 per month, less 40% tax and NI, plus 12p per mile But approved the taxman's mileage allowance rate is 45ppm...
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