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Duty of care

Stay on top of your legal and social obligations to ensure the safety of your fleets and drivers here.

Business man going to work in his company car

Corporate Manslaughter Act and duty of care

An employer’s duty of care car checklistEmployee holds a valid driving licence The car has a current MOT if more than three years old The vehicle is insured for business use The car is...
820_driver mobile phone hand

Kill this lethal habit of social media at the wheel

NEARLY a fifth of motorists who have used social media at the wheel believe they can check or update their Twitter or Facebook accounts and drive safely at the same time.And...
How can you cut the cost of low-speed reversing collisions?

Future may be behind you with crunch factor benchmarking tool

Bodies in RoadSafe-led DfBB’s Fleet Safety Benchmarking Project:Freight Transport Association’s Van Excellence programme Interactive Driving Systems, global provider of driver safety management solutions RoSPA TRL (Transport Research Laboratory) Fleet ForumSTONE CHIPS, low-speed reversing collisions or high...
Aftermath of a work-related driving incident

Health and safety fines rise to up to £10 million under new guidelines

New health and safety penalty scale based on business turnoverFines up to £10 million for large organisations (annual turnover over £50m) Fines up to £4 million for medium-sized organisations (turnover £10m to £50m) Fines up...
Eyesight examination - company drivers must be fit to drive

Check it! You can’t afford to turn blind eye to drivers’ poor vision

EMPLOYERS who insist new members of staff have a medical before joining them are hardly likely to accept a retrospective one.Yet that’ s exactly what businesses do when it comes to...
Woman changing a tyre

Brace yourselves: Half of drivers can’t change a wheel

Worrying ignoranceLess than 50% of drivers across major UK cities, including Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds, London and Newcastle, know how to carry out basic tasks, such as changing a wheel, checking brake...
driver mobile phone hand e1450794885563

Car and van drivers facing harsher mobile phone penalties

Proposed penalties for driver's hand-held phone useFor cars, vans, motorbikes - increase from 3 to 4 penalty points Points double from 3 to 6 for drivers of larger vehicles such as HGVs Fixed penalty increase from...
christmas road

Festive tips to help business drivers stay safe

WITH temperatures set to plummet this winter and the festive season upon us, here are 12 Days of Christmas festive driving tips to help drivers stay safe.Provided by experts across the Alphabet team,...
Aftermath of a work-related driving incident

Soaring price for failing in your duty of care

SMEs are often told about their “duty of care” to their employees, but how many know what it consists of or the potential severity of the punishment if they fail to...

Volvo helps SMEs cut road risks of most dangerous month

The November risk factorSerious pedestrian casualty incidents rise from an average low of 397 in August to a peak of 565 in November (2010-2014 data) Serious car user casualties also peak in...
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