Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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How autonomous driving will become more common this year

Self-driving cars and other autonomous revolutions are gaining speed and will change our everyday lives in a big way. Every automobile manufacturer is heavily investing money on self-driving technology with 2018 seeing many pilot schemes taken onto city roads and highways.
achieve fleet management dashboard

Keeping an eye on the fleet

Bespoke dashboards deliver critical information across all key operations in easy to understand numerical and graphic formats, while simultaneously highlighting action areas.

Some downbeat news at Geneva but the future is electrifying

Trade tariffs and slowing market demand put the dampers slightly on the annual Geneva Motor Show, normally the glitziest and newsiest even on the European automotive calendar.Adding to a slightly disjointed...
kathryn courtenay evans and karl fisher

APD reports record year

Successful 2018 driven by high uptake in the broker sectors and with the emerging B2C leasing sector as it adapts to the changes in business driver use
consumer confidence forecast

Headwinds continue to blow in 2019

The used car market will be the focus for many of the dealers this year as consumers seek to spend a little less money and this will be in part facilitated by better used car finance propositions.
jo photo

Autorama selects new e-procurement platform

Leaselink will handle all new vehicle orders across Autorama's three main brands.

Why Honda is closing Swindon

The reasons behind Honda's announcement are clear, the UK and Europe are small players in terms of the company's global sales. But what next for Swindon?
alison jones

Alison Jones appointed Group Managing Director of Peugeot, Citroën, DS in the UK

FORMER senior Volkswagen executive Alison Jones has been appointed Group Managing Director of Peugeot, Citroën, DS in the UK for Groupe PSA.The new role for Alison is effective April 01, 2019.Alison...
Tom Brennan Head of Fleet Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz appoints Tom Brennan as Head of Fleet

TOM Brennan has been appointed Head of Fleet at Mercedes-Benz.The former Head of Fleet for Audi started his career in financial services. He then moved into the automotive industry and subsequently...
Neil Hunter corporate sales Groupe PSA photo Ralph Morton

Strong RVs underpin Citroen’s all-new C-SUV contender

When the French company launches an SUV - the current must-have sales style - into the C sector, it’s a big moment. A whole new opportunity.
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