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160721 Hyundai Motor Establishes Project IONIQ Lab 1

Are South Koreans set to take over the automotive market?

The South Korean car industry has changed dramatically in the last 30 years and while both Hyundai and Kia now build most of their cars abroad, that’s only because they’ve run out of the physical space to keep up with demand at home.
bp fuel and charge 1

New BP Fuel and Charge offer extends to EVs

Due to launch later this summer, offer provides fleets in the UK with access to the BP Plus cross acceptance network, comprising over 3,600 fuel sites and the polar network which is made up of over 7,000 EV charging points.

Sleepless nights – are you worrying about your business?

Business Barometer survey - which has now run for five years - asked 1,177 small decision makers to share some of the issues that they were currently worrying about and kept them awake at night.
Porsche charging in 3 minutes

Fuel cards – can they work with EVs?

As the mass market for petrol and diesel declines is gradually phased out there will be a need to pay for electricity at a charge point.
volvo online 2

Volvo UK launches complete online sales service

Volvo Online is designed with transparency and trust at its heart. Customers can see in real time the impact on their monthly finance while configuring their car, whether changing the colour or option packs.

Data analytics tool for smarter fleet and travel planning

Users can access business intelligence – generated either nationally or internationally – from high level summaries to detailed cost and performance breakdowns. Data can be reviewed at the touch of a button for any area of spend and operation, over any requested timeframe.
alain descat ds automobiles uk md 22

DS electrifies its range

New DS3 Crossback SUV also comes in with a range of driver aids and luxury interior fittings. The range starts at £21,550 for the Elegance trim, topping out at £32,450 for the Ultra Prestige trim Puretech 155 automatic.
Tony Donnelly chief executive Goodwood Corporate Mobility

Fleet managers seek more flexibility and shorter leases

Businesses don't want to be tied into a lengthy three or four-year contract or risk potentially exorbitant end-of-contract charges. Equally, they don’t have to concern themselves with vehicle maintenance due to today’s longer service intervals,

Honda programme digitises fleet management

Many small businesses have just one person dealing with the company fleet, so 12 months ago Honda set up its our Virtual Account Manager Programme.
richard harrison seat cars uk managing director

SEAT enters new territory with Tarraco

New model brings more seats and extra space, opening SEAT up to a new audience who currently aren't coming into the brand."
ashley barnett head of fleet consultancy lex autolease

Don’t lose control of your fleet

Employees in increasing numbers are said to be opting to take cash in lieu of a company car amid year-on-year rises in benefit-in-kind taxation.
angela trendell

Upgrade for Leaselink platform

Leaselink electronically sources more than 210,000 vehicles a year, linking around 2,000 franchised dealers and several vehicle manufacturers to a community of leasing, rental and fleet management suppliers.
adesa uk jonathan holland

Be aware of hidden de-fleeting costs

Online remarketing specialist ADESA UK warns that vendors and fleets incur ongoing disposal charges because they have not assessed how much the traditional de-fleeting process is costing them.
michael stewart

Hyundai strengthens fleet offering

New fleet Charter sets out a commitment to reduce cost of ownership, a discount on MoT costs and discounts on parts and accessories.
h kan samuelsson president ceo volvo car group

Do we need a spy in the car?

Volvo plans to deploy speed limiters and in-car cameras to intervene against intoxication and distraction as part of its ambitions to end fatalities in its cars. 
business motoring

Investing in the Auto Industry?

There’s a lot of factors at play that influence just how viable the auto industry is from an investment point of view.
adesa uk jonathan holland

Inspect your car using artificial intelligence

Intelligent Vehicle Inspection enables drivers to carry out their own inspection, using a smartphone or tablet, before they hand back a company car or a vehicle they have financed through personal contract purchase (PCP) or personal contract hire (PCH).
martin brownjuly2017

CO2 rises as diesel falls

New analysis by the leasing and fleet management specialist reveals that average CO2 emissions across its 28,000 vehicle fleet increased from 115g/km in 2017 to 125g/km in 2018, a rise of almost 9%.
driving tips for travelling abroad

Deal or no deal – here’s what you should know

Businesses should ensure that employees planning to take their company car abroad have the right paperwork, as simply having a UK driving licence won’t cover the legal requirements once Britain leaves the EU.

How autonomous driving will become more common this year

Self-driving cars and other autonomous revolutions are gaining speed and will change our everyday lives in a big way. Every automobile manufacturer is heavily investing money on self-driving technology with 2018 seeing many pilot schemes taken onto city roads and highways.
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