Tuesday, February 19, 2019
vat fuel scale charge tables

VAT fuel scale charge tables

If you are a business that supplies free fuel to your employees, then you need to use the new VAT fuel scale charge tables applicable from May 01

Why you should read this about WLTP

WLTP is the new method of measuring fuel consumption and CO2 emissions Virtually all new cars will have to show the new WLTP measurement from September 01, 2018 It will...
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Government hints at tax incentives for electric vehicles

The Government has hinted that tax incentives for electric vehicles will be available to accelerate the move towards a zero emission future
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Company car fuel benefit tax

Car fuel benefit tax is payable if your company provides you with all the fuel for your company car. We explain what the tax is; and how to avoid it - because it's likely you're paying more in tax than the benefit of the free fuel from your company
If your car is written off (or stolen) the insurer will only pay up the current market value - and that will not be enough for a like-for-like replacement, let alone paying off any finance liability you may have. That's where GAP insurance comes in

What is GAP insurance?

If your car is written off, the insurance payout will leave you out of pocket when you come to get a replacement. That's where GAP insurance comes in to fill the gap between the price paid and the market value of the car. It's also applicable to car leasing.
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cap hpi study shows CO2 rises by 10% under WLTP but PHEVs hit worst

A cap hpi study of more than 600 vehicles has shown that CO2 rises by 10% under WLTP but PHEVs are hit worst under the new more realistic measurement of mpg and CO2 emissions

Company Car Tax Calculator

Choosing your next company car? Want to cut your CO2 emissions and know how much company car tax you’ll pay? Then use our Company Car Tax Calculator
A car leased under a salary sacrifice scheme

HMRC warns companies to report salary sacrifice and cash allowance benefits under new OpRA...

HMRC has reminded employers that they must report salary sacrifice and cash allowance agreements on form P11D using the new OpRA rules
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Lease rental restrictions

IF you contract hire your business cars, then those business car lease rentals are an allowable expense against income tax or the firm’s corporation tax.However, certain lease rental restrictions apply, depending...
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Company car tax tables for tax years 2018/19 to 2020/21

Company car tax tables are essential to help you work out the benefit in kind tax payable on your company car. Our tables show the percentage bands for 2018/19-2020/21 and include a downloadable pdf version for the first time
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