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A slash in Chinese car tariff rates could be a major boost for British...

The Chinese Government has outlined its intent to cut its tariffs on cars imported into the People's Republic - and the move spells promising news for the UK's automotive industry. China...
snake pass UK best driving road

The best roads in the UK to test drive a car

We recommend our top roads for test drives in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, where you can test your driving ability and enjoy the view.
SpyTrack PC Screen

Next generation GPS tracking for vehicle fleets

For businesses with vehicle fleets, being able to locate their vehicles with next generation GPS tracking is the best way to improve the efficiency of their business.
used car

Factors to consider before changing your car

For many, a car is impossible to live without; it is an investment that provides transport for work, school, and general livelihood. These benefits, however, can often come with a hefty...
How long to plug into plug in car grant

Government causes further confusion over lack of clarity on Plug-in Car Grant

SME business motoring is being hampered in the take up of electric cars by the Government’s lack of clarity on the Plug-in Car Grant. Which officially ends at the end of March 2018
Driving forward to an uncertain company car tax landscape

Future Company Car Tax visibility absent in Spring Statement

I LIKE spring. It’s a time to look forward. Put the dark days of winter behind us.But the Chancellor’s Spring Statement gave us no forward visibility on Company Car Tax. No...
UK traffic jam

How much do roadworks cost a business?

BRITISH drivers are familiar with roadworks and temporary speed limits up and down the country - and the majority of drivers are aware of the frustration it can cause, at wasted...

Put your feet up and let self-driving slippers come to you

Did you ever expect that autonomous driving would bring you self-driving slippers? No, hadn't occurred to us either. But those clever chaps at Nissan....
Skoda SME Direct

Skoda’s new SME Direct aims to provide total company car care programme for small...

Head of Skoda fleet, Henry Williams, discusses the benefits of the company's new SME small fleet product, Skoda SME Direct with editor Ralph Morton
Daihatsu Fieldman

Where to find the best Daihatsu parts

If you have a Daihatsu there will be a time when your car needs parts replacements. This can be caused by wear and tear, or maybe aging and corrosion.
locksmith keyless car theft

Gone in 60 Seconds: Foiling keyless entry thefts

Car crime developments make big screen movie Gone in 60 Seconds thefts increasingly feasible. Find out how to counter keyless entry thefts.
elderly mobility scooter

Elderly mobility vehicle market set to rise significantly by 2024

The elderly mobility vehicle market is set to increase significantly by the year 2024. It’s expected the industry will grow by billions of pounds
Scandalised woman OMG

Company car drivers given scandalous treatment in the Budget

Company car drivers have been given scandalous treatment in the Budget with an additional 1% tax on diesel drivers. Grossly unfair says editor Ralph Morton
Diesel discussion over Euro 6 and Euro 5

Clearing the air from the National Air Quality Conference

The National Air Quality Conference: Richard Lofthouse was there to summarise for SMEs with small fleets the key pointers for future car and van choice
Woman charging Renault Zoe

What’s stopping the electric vehicle revolution in business?

A Corporate Vehicle Observatory report shows UK businesses are reluctant to invest in electric vehicles, so what's stopping the electric vehicle revolution?

The future of diesel, the T-Charge and what this means for business owners

Everybody in the car industry is talking about the future of diesel and the electric revolution as authorities start to penalise petrol and diesel vehicles
Elliott Woodhead Arval

The key issues facing SME small fleets

Editor Ralph Morton met Arval's Elliott Woodhead to find out what the key issues are facing SME small fleets in a time when future choice appears confusing
GPS tracker 2

The importance of GPS car trackers

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) has become quite important, even indispensable, for many individuals and companies, such as GPS car trackers.
Couple arranging car finance with car dealer

Could UK public opinion of car dealerships be behind drop in new car registrations?

WITH news that new car registrations were down by 6.4% in August compared to 2016, it begs the question; could it be down to public opinion of car dealerships?According to experts,...

The Benefits of DIY fleet maintenance

This content was provided on behalf of SGS Engineering EVERY business that uses many vehicles throughout its day to day running will experience problems when it comes to servicing and maintaining its...
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