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Ford Fiesta Active review

Step off the beaten track: Ford Fiesta Active X review

Ford Fiesta Active X 1.0T EcoBoost (125PS)P11D Value: £21,045 BIK Band 2018/19: 23% 5-door, 5-seater hatchback 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbo petrol/6 speed manual 125ps/170Nm, Economy/CO2: 56.5pg/114g/km Performance: 10.4secs/119mphWhat is it? NEW car...
Toyota Corolla hatchback

Toyota Corolla returns to UK with £21,300 price tag

IF you thought something had been missing from your business motoring company car choice lists, then so did Toyota.The Corolla nameplate is coming back to the UK.The brilliantly successful hatchback and...
Fuel card playing cards Fleet Evolution

Play the right cards in fuel cost evaluation

AN SUV that's more economical on fuel than a hybrid Toyota Prius? Sounds wrong doesn't it. But that really is the case.The SUV in question is the Hyundai Kona - the...
Volkswagen Golf at at a Tesco Pod Point EV charger

Volkswagen partners with supermarket Tesco and Pod Point to deliver free to use EV...

THE most significant change in the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is being rolled out: 2400 EV charging bays will become available across 600 Tesco stores within three years.Volkswagen, the world’s largest...
snowy roads

Things to think about when driving in the winter

With winter sweeping in, driving conditions are slowly worsening, making now the perfect time to check you have everything in place to ensure you have the safest possible winter on the...
BMW 330e PHEV saloon

BMW reveals tax-busting 3-Series PHEV

IF you're thinking about your next company car, then you seriously have to consider this: the latest BMW 330e.It's a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) model which gives it great company car taxation...
Range Rover Evoque 1

New Range Rover Evoque offers hybridisation to business drivers

WITH more than 772,096 sales under its belt, it's time for a new Range Rover Evoque.And here it is, the all-new Range Rover Evoque, featuring a range of traditional, mild hybrid and...
Lease or buy

Older motorists seeking benefits of personal contract hire

Older motorists are seeking the benefits of personal contract hire according to analysis from Hippo Leasing, which has seen a huge increase in leasing enquiries from older business motorists
BMW 330e phev at charge point

What does the future hold for EV charging?

There’s general consensus in the automotive industry that the future is electric. However, there’s not much agreement on what that future actually looks like.I thought it would be interesting to dig...
business lease fleet growth

Car buying for business: Three top tips for purchasing an effective fleet

Effective and affordable company cars are integral to many businesses as an essential mode of transport for employees. Compared to most public transport, they are the most cost effective, reliable and...
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