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Volkswagen e-Golf

The Business Motoring Week, August 10, 2018

In The Business Motoring Week (August 10, 2018) electric vehicles finally get business mileage rates; how van VED reform could hurt small businesses; Energy Saving Trust adds extra insight to Leasing Broker Conference; Avoiding online car scams; and analysis of a company car winner
Honda CR-V

All-new petrol only Honda CR-V on sale from September

All-new petrol only Honda CR-V is on sale from September with prices starting from £25,995 for a 2WD manual S grade and topping out at £36,455 for an AWD EX with CVT
Suning self driving van

The Business Motoring Week, August 03, 2018

Unmanned delivery van unveiled in Beijing - could this be the answer to the Government's consultation on last mile delivery? * Going electric under the open skies * Staying safe the morning after BBQ and beers * And fleet growth predicted.
Mini clubman city

Business-focused MINI Clubman City launches

MINI is further enhancing its fleet and business appeal with the arrival of the new MINI Clubman City, developed specifically for the business motoring market
BMW i8 Roadster frontal shot

Sweet, fresh air – in silence. The new BMW i8 Roadster

The new BMW i8 Roadster offers open air motoring in virtual silence thanks to BMW's latest electric hybrid technology which combines zero emission mode with zap-on acceleration thanks to a turbo engine hybrid combo
BBQ and beers

Stay safe in the summer: AlcoSense breathalsyers for the morning after

BBQ and beers - it's a typical summer scene. But do you drink to drive safely the morning after? AlcoSense breathalysers are one way to find out - more here in the Editor's blog
Updated Porsche Macan

The Business Motoring Week, July 27, 2018

In The Business Motoring Week (July 27, 2018), we have details of the new Porsche Macan; how Ford is massively re-engineering its approach to the global market and autonomous cars; why WLTP may affect your business motoring; 10 things dealers can do to keep OEMs happy; new SEAT seven seater SUV called Tarraco; plus big warranty for tough truck
Kia Ceed moving shot

Kia Ceed ‘First Edition’ 1.4 petrol first drive

The all-new Kia Ceed launches into the fiercely competitive family hatchback market. How does it measure up for your business motoring?
Updated Porsche Macan front three quarters

Porsche’s compact Macan SUV gets updated

Porsche has refreshed its Macan compact SUV model with a range of updated styling features and improved connectivity
SEAT Arona review moving

SEAT’s small, smart and sharp new SUV: Arona FR 1.5 TSI EVO review

The compact SUV market is growing. And a new competitor is the SEAT Arona. What's it like, this new SUV? Here's our review of the SEAT Arona FR 1.5 TSI EVO
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