Philippe Bismut outlines new Arval strategy
Philippe Bismut outlines new Arval strategy at Conference 2018
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ARVAL is now a business services support company – not a funding company.

That’s the view of chief executive officer Philippe Bismut.

At a conference in Paris (13 February, 2018) to launch a range of five new products that takes the company into the consumer space, Bismut was unequivocal:

“We are a services company. The proposition is around the management of a vehicle.”

Bismut said that the introduction of five new products, driven by an HR and consumer agenda, were the third part of the company’s transformation.

Arval 2018 Conference “Our corporate business has been a constant. Seven years ago we set up our SME business. The third leg will be consumer.”

The new consumer focus will help Arval expand.

It expects global growth to expand from 1.1m vehicles to 1.3m.

“Our operational business recongnises the implications of the move into the personal space as we grow broader from corporate to consumer.

“It will mean a change of scale for Arval.”

The new five products from Arval are:

Arval For Me

  • A digital solution that provides individuals access to Arval’s fleet management know-how, added value services and network. Includes maintenance and repair (bodywork, tyres, windscreens), mobility services (relief car, pick-up and drop off, breakdown recovery).

Arval Car Sharing

  • Corporate car share to replace the pool car. Arval Car Sharing is a web and mobile platform through which employees can search and book vehicles when needed for business (managed by a firm’s HR or procurement department). However, the extension to this is the ability of employees to also rent once of the vehicles for the evening or weekend. The employee will rent directly from Arval at a price likely to undercut rental companies. Already launched in Italy, it will progressively be deployed throughout Europe.

Arval For Employee

  • Designed for the employees of existing Arval employees. It is designed to offer employers a variety of attractive staff benefits: salary sacrifice, car leasing solutions, leaver offers, car sharing and the access to Arval’s trusted network for maintenance and repair.

My Arval

  • This is a full digital fleet management suite for Arval customers and drivers. Works across individuals, SME fleets and corporate multi-lease fleets. A web portal dedicated with reporting tools to manage the vehicles and a peer-to-peer exchange platform named My Arval Community.

Electric Vehicle

  • Thanks to its new partnership with Renault, Nissan and NewMotion, Arval’s Electric Vehicle now covers the whole Electric Vehicle ecosystem including home and workplace installation, integrated payment solutions and Electric Vehicle digital services (booking, consumption tracking and charging point location). Flexible and modular, Electric Vehicle offers EV trial periods of up to six months, a petrol/diesel vehicle replacement option for short periods, and green energy solutions.

Bismut recognises that the new consumer focus is not without its hazards.

“It’s a risk, but it’s an opportunity. A vast opportunity.”

He says that the company is going step by step into areas where it already practices. “We are not entering unchartered waters immediately,” he says, pointing out that the new consumer products are, in the first instance, being rolled out to its existing corporate customers.

“It’s a new market for Arval. But we know the consumer market in Europe is huge.”

It’s another step in Arval’s ambition to reinvent itself as a provider of business services – whether you are a business or an individual.

Outlining Arval plans at Conference 2018
Philippe Bismut,Hugo Salaun and Christophe Conegero take questions
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