VW Breeze front
The Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze concept
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Ten key T-Cross Breeze facts

  • T-Cross Breeze first sight of entirely new Volkswagen SUV
  • Concept is progressive SUV with the added appeal of a modern convertible
  • Cool, affordable compact car
  • Showcases dynamic body proportions and short overhangs.
  • VW’s SUV range shapes up with T-Cross Breeze, T-Roc, Tiguan, Tiguan XL, mid-size SUV and Touareg
  • VW plans stylish and charismatic SUVs in every class
  • Four-seat T-Cross Breeze has interactive cockpit and next-generation operation concept
  • Touch-sensitive surfaces and newl “by-wire” solutions replace conventional switches and buttons
  • 300W BeatsAudio sound system for open-top cruising
  • T-Cross Breeze has highly efficient 110PS 1.0 litre TSI turbo petrol engine

VOLKSWAGEN has taken the wraps – and the roof – off the first convertible SUV in the Polo class with the Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze as it sets out on an SUV market offensive.

Given its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, the T-Cross Breeze is the first taste of a newly developed SUV model series with the Tiguan and Touareg to be joined by three more SUV model series.

The new T-Cross Breeze has centre stage on the Volkswagen stand at the 86th Geneva Motor Show.

Dr Herbert Diess, brand chairman of the Volkswagen board of management, said: “This open-top Volkswagen enhances the world of compact cars with a completely new attitude to automotive life.

“Our T-Cross Breeze is the first open-top SUV in its class and, at the same time, an affordable, cheeky cabriolet with a raised seating position that gives you a perfect view.

“At the moment the T-Cross Breeze is purely a concept, but we can well imagine putting such a convertible on the market as a production model.

“An affordable fun car that is also entirely suitable for everyday use. A genuine ‘People’s Car’.” And so the concept car, which is equipped with an 110 PS 1.0 litre TSI (turbocharged direct injection petrol engine), gives a glimpse of a new model series.

VW Breeze cockpit
No switches: Breeze cockpit

Klaus Bischoff, head of design for the Volkswagen brand, explains: “The T-Cross Breeze is a teaser for the most compact sport utility vehicle that Volkswagen plans to make – and the nucleus of a new SUV and convertible design in the compact sector.

“The T-Cross Breeze reflects the new start of our brand”, says Bischoff. “We want to stir enthusiasm for ‘New Volkswagen’. In this instance we are doing that with an unprecedented vehicle concept in this class; a completely redesigned cockpit and design that is equally crisp and expressive.”

In future, Volkswagen aims to offer an exciting SUV in every relevant segment. It will start this ambitious product onslaught with the market launch of the new Tiguan, which begins at the end of April in Germany and in early May in the rest of Europe.

On the major overseas markets the new Tiguan will also be available with an extended wheelbase. In the higher classes this will be followed by a new mid-size SUV for the USA and China as well as the well-known premium segment Touareg sport utility vehicle.

Below the Tiguan, two new SUV model series will make their debut: in the Golf class there will be an SUV in the same style as the T-Roc concept car, while the T-Cross Breeze presented in Geneva shows where the journey into the future is heading in the Polo class.

VW Breeze roof up
The T-Cross Breeze concept with the soft top roof up


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