Toyota launches scrappage
The Toyota Hilux pick-up is included in the scrappage trade-in scheme with £2,000 saving
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Toyota scrappage scheme

  • Qualifying customers can save up to £4,000 on a new Toyota
  • Scheme runs from 1 September to 31 December
  • Open to any vehicle more than seven years old, in customer ownership for at least six months
  • Offer covers almost entire Toyota car and light commercial range, from Aygo city car to Land Cruiser and Hilux

TOYOTA launches scrappage on September 1, offering up to £4,000 against the price of new cars and light commercial vehicles as it joins Ford, Vauxhall, BMW MINI and Hyundai in the air-clearing initiative.

With the widest range of petrol-electric hybrids on the market for some customers it will be a great first-time opportunity to move into a new hybrid car.

But it’s not just hybrids, the offer covers just about all models in Toyota’s range from Aygo city car to Land Cruiser and Hilux pick-up, all with peace-of-mind five-year warranty.

Paul Van der Burgh, Toyota GB president and managing director, said: “Our scrappage scheme is a win-win solution. Motorists can dispose of their older vehicles and have access to our cleaner, more efficient model range.

“Our world-leading petrol-electric hybrids will be an ideal choice, helping make a genuine contribution to protecting air quality – a crucial concern for today’s customers.

“What’s more, everyone who takes up our scrappage scheme can be assured their vehicle will be disposed of in an environmentally responsible fashion that maximises recycling opportunities.”

The scheme adds to a wide choice of consumer offers across the Toyota line-up, including zero per cent finance on a number of models.

Twenty years on from delivering the original Prius, the world’s first petrol-electric hybrid for the global market, Toyota continues to pioneer cleaner, sustainable mobility, using its unmatched hybrid know-how to move closer to producing a car with zero environmental impact.

The introduction of the Toyota Mirai, the market’s first hydrogen fuel cell saloon, marks a further important step towards that goal.

Its commitment is clear in the far-reaching Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050, which includes achieving a target of reducing CO2 emissions from all new Toyota vehicles by 90 per cent on 2010 levels, within the next 33 years.

Toyota’s unmatched hybrid range includes the new Yaris Hybrid, the only car in the supermini class to offer the low emissions and fuel economy of hybrid power. Also available are the hugely successful new C-HR Hybrid crossover and the British-built Auris Hybrid hatchback and Touring Sports wagon.

New Prius is the pre-eminent example of Toyota’s latest full hybrid technology, while the hybrid RAV4 has quickly become the best-selling version of the popular compact SUV.

Customers can also take their pick of some of the best-performing petrol and diesel engines on the market.

All vehicles taken off the road through the Toyota scrappage scheme will be processed at authorised treatment facilities managed by Autogreen. After the safe removal of all pollutants and the recovery of retrievable parts, shredding and recovery will be handled by EMR. Together these processes will meet the legal requirement of a minimum 95 per cent recycling by vehicle weight.


Toyota scrappage savings

Aygo £2,000
Yaris and Yaris Hybrid £2,500
Auris and Auris Hybrid £3,500
Verso £3,500
Rav4 and RAV4 Hybrid £3,500
C-HR and C-HR Hybrid £1,000
Avensis £3,500
Prius £2,000
GT86 £2,000
Land Cruiser £4,000
Hilux £2,000
Proace £2,000
Toyota launches scrappage
Toyota Yaris offered with £2,500 scrappage saving
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