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Toyota Avensis road test report

Toyota Avensis 2.2 150 T4 4dr

Toyota Avensis 2.2 150 T4 4dr

What is it?

Toyota’s all-new Avensis, built here in the UK. The range has now been slimmed down to just a saloon version, tested here, and an estate. All new Toyota Avensis models feature Optimal Drive technology. Behind the techno-marketing speak, this means lower CO2 emissions, improved fuel economy and better performance. All achieved without the cars wearing a self-conscious ‘eco’ badge. There are three diesel models: this is the mid-range 2.2-litre 150PS model. Tested here in T4 trim – a well-specified grade Toyota expects small business owners to choose.

What’s hot?

  • New look includes striking ‘clamshell’ bonnet design
  • Improved interior quality and furnishings
  • Punchy engine still gives over 50mpg…
  • …and a business car tax band rating of just 20%
  • Toyota’s legendary reliability
  • High safety levels: seven airbags, including kneebag for driver
  • Plus whiplash-reducing active front head restraints…
  • …and standard anti-lock ABS brakes and anti-skid VSC
  • Lots of standard kit, too: air con, 17inch alloys, leather
  • Straightforward does-the-job cabin

What’s not?

  • It’s still a bit the same old Avensis…
  • …featuring functionality above pizzazz
  • Around town ride is choppy
  • And tyre roar on motorways is higher than expected
  • Electronic parking brake fiddly to use
  • You’ll need to budget for the £1500 satnav plus rear parking system

What you need to Know?

P11D Value: 20,356
Monthly Rental*: 401
Tax Band when posted: 20%
Monthly BiK: 68 (20%)/£136 (40%)
Engine: 2.2-litre turbo diesel
CO2 Emissions: 147g/km
Power/torque: 148bhp/340Nm
Economy: 51.4mpg

Monthly rental courtesy of HSBC DriverQuote. Based on 36-month/30,000-mile contract hire agreement with maintenance.

Business Car Manager Road Test Rating

This is everything you admired about the old Toyota Avensis. Only updated and generally better. The Avensis T4 is well-specified and a brilliantly functional get-you-there-without-fuss business car. And all backed up by the notion it will never let you down. It might not sparkle; but Mr Reliable is valued for reasons other than a look-at-me personality. The new Avensis: safe, sound, and solid.

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