The Business Motoring Week October 26, 2018
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The new Hyundai Tucson
New Hyundai Tucson gets refreshed look and new 1.6 diesel engine as part of Hyundai’s new-look SUV line up

Hyundai launches SUV onslaught – and prepares for all company car tax eventualities

HYUNDAI has always done SUVs rather well. But in Spain this week, Hyundai unveiled a trio of newcomers.

Hyundai's Ashley Andrew talk to Ralph Morton
In conversation with Ashley Andrew

There was the all-new Santa Fe – a great and good value off-roader now with seven seats – plus refreshed Tucson and the brilliant Kona now with 1.6-litre diesel. This will be followed by a Kona electric SUV capable of up to 300 miles on a single charge. Can’t wait for that.

I spoke to Ashley Andrew, Hyundai’s Sales Director, at the event and he explained how Hyundai is opening up its product range to satisfy all requirements. And that includes drivetrains.

So the new Kona will have petrol, diesel and EV for example; Santa Fe currently has diesel but will get a PHEV. It means, says Ashley, that Hyundai will be prepared for everything the Chancellor may throw at the company car market. Read more here.

WLTP could prompt move to more company cars

Here’s an interesting viewpoint. Most people think that WLTP may push company car drivers out of their company cars for this simple reason.

The recalibrated fuel consumption and CO2 figures are generally much higher than under the current NEDC measurements. Which means company car tax rates will rise; and company car drivers will reconsider the merits of a company supplied car.

But not Peter Golding, Managing Director at FleetCheck. He reckons companies may go for a radical rethink. Particularly those enterprises that have set themselves strong corporate social responsibility targets on the environmental impact of their fleet.

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“The fact is that just about every company car comes out of WLTP much worse than NEDC and this will have a dramatic effect on the green results that these fleets are achieving.

“Effectively, these employers face a choice: move the goalposts because of WLTP and increase their targets; or reconsider the kind of company vehicles that they are operating alongside their grey fleet arrangements.

Peter Golding
Peter Golding: radical rethink

“For these fleets, because grey vehicles tend to be older and more polluting than newer vehicles, extending the company car scheme to include more people is a potential solution. It could also be cost-effective.

“But environmental concerns also play a part. If car choices can be found that minimise taxation and reduce running costs through low emissions, then these vehicles present a stronger argument for extending company car schemes.”

I think the opportunity to choose greener cars in a mixed choice fleet may well help such fleets. And with electric cars like the new Kona giving us up to 300 miles on a charge, then Peter could well be right. What do you think?

Renault Trafic Formula EditionTake the chequered flag on the way to work

Get a touch of Formula 1 on your way to work with Renault’s Formula Edition (above).

From green light start at home to chequered flag at your customer, the Trafic Formula Edition gives you a racy edge.

It certainly got the big thumbs up from some Renault Trafic drivers I showed it to. Of course, what you don’t get with the Formula Edition is extra power. But the Trafic doesn’t need it – the van remains one of the great to drive vans on the market. Read our review here.

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Fleet Alliance service excellence wins 620 car fleet

Congratulations to Leasing Broker of the Year Fleet Alliance. The Glasgow-based company has just won the deal to manage the 620 fleet of Cox Automotive, owners of Manheim Auctions.

Alan Barratt
Alan Barratt, Cox Automotive: “Fleet Alliance head and shoulders above its competitors”

A member of the Leasing Broker Federation, Fleet Alliance is an example of how brokers can provide a quality service that goes way beyond the ‘leasing special’ offers and compete – and beat – established leasing and fleet management companies.

Alan Barratt, Head of Supply Chain for Cox Automotive, said:

“Fleet Alliance was head and shoulders above its competitors in the selection process and, since their appointment, they have shown themselves to be outstanding in every way.”

Read how Fleet Alliance won the Cox Automotive deal on Leasing Broker News.

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