how to save on campervan insurance
how to save on campervan insurance
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CAMPERVANS are amazing. They allow you to travel and enjoy new places on a budget; they are affordable and reliable.

However, choosing the right insurance policy for this vehicle will put you through tremendous levels of stress. With so many vendors and different packages, how can you make sure you get what’s the best?

Also, how can you make sure you won’t pay high rates on your insurance policy?

You may be tempted to go with the minimum legal requirement, but in campervans’ case, this is a huge mistake.

Campervans are non-standard vehicles, finding reliable insurance policy vendors for yours will be a hassle. Below are insights on how to choose insurance policies for this vehicle in an easy and straightforward fashion.

Campervan insurance – What is it?

Campervans are a different type of vehicles, and they require special care. You may like the idea of packing up and taking off to your holiday instantly, but you also have to think about safety matters.

Insurance is one of those, and it will help you travel with your peace of mind. No matter what will happen during your campervan holidays, you want to know it’s fixable and fully covered by your insurance policy.

Campervan insurance policies are specifically designed for this vehicle, and they cover everything that may raise your concerns when leaving home in such cars.

Why campervan insurance?

Depending on what car you drive, you need specialised insurance policies. Campervans fall into that special vehicle category, and they are tailored in such a way to cover all the needs owners might have. To make sure you choose a perfect policy, look out for the following.

  • Policies covering both day vans and sleeper vans.
  • Policies allowing you to choose between main or occasional use vehicles.
  • Policies covering professional or DIY van conversions.
  • Policies that offer courtesy vehicles.
  • Products that offer European travel cover.

Although you want to find a vendor offering all the perks above, you also want to find affordable policies.

Finding correct insurance for your campervan is no longer that complicated, considering the number of reliable vendors that specialise in such products. We also have some tips and best practices when it comes to finding the right type of policy, at affordable prices.  

Tips and tricks for saving on campervan insurance

To avoid all the hassle usually involved by the process, follow the pieces of advice below.

  • Do your research. Not all insurance companies are equally reliable, and you want to ensure you research each prospect in detail. The best way to research different insurance companies is by asking around for referrals. You may already be a member of a campervan online community. Ask around and see which vendor is the go-to choice of these groups’ members. They usually have pertinent recommendations.
  • Assess how much your campervan is actually worth. This is a common mistake that owners of this sort of vehicles make. You want to know for sure that the value for which you insure your campervan is correct, not a lower one. This happens frequently, so pay attention to this.
  • Search for vendors that allow ongoing changes to our policy, with no extra charges or hidden costs.
  • Search for options for self-repair if you’re an enthusiast, and you love to work on your camping vehicle on your own.
  • Search for policies with generous coverage, since your vehicle asks for similar products. You can’t afford to neglect key coverage points on your insurance policy.
  • Smaller engines come with lower insurance costs. When planning to buy a motorhome or campervan, pay attention to this factor. It will influence the overall cost of your insurance package.
  • Drive responsibly. Just like in the case of all car insurance policies, campervan policies will be estimated at lower rates for drivers with spotless driving records. To bring your rates lower but still enjoy high coverage, we recommend to pay attention o how your drive on a daily basis.
  • Search for hidden costs. Because of this vehicle’s nature, some insurance companies might hide additional costs to make their policies more tempting to the buyer.
  • Additionally, some insurers or brokers charge administration fees for adding modifications during the policy. Somehow, they neglect to let clients know about similar practices. In the end, the policyholder might end up spending incredible amounts on their policies. To avoid this issue, ask specifically if the policy has any hidden costs and charges. Analyse the policy yourself and assess the authenticity of the insurer’s claims.

Mistakes to avoid

We know it’s complicated to choose what’s the best and most affordable insurance policy, but pay attention to some of the most common mistakes people make when buying insurance policies for their motorhomes of campervans.

  • You buy the first quote you get. Although it can be time-consuming to search and decide which option is the best, you have to diligently do it.
  • You don’t have your car professionally evaluated beforehand. To know exactly how much you should insure your van, you have to have it professionally evaluated. This will allow you to get a great value for money on this type of insurance policy.
  • You choose the cheapest rates. You may want to save money on insurance policies, but this usually means you have to compromise on other variables. We recommend looking into fully comprehensive insurance policies. These offer the highest coverage level, and they include damage to your van that is your fault. Accidents happen, and sometimes you are the guilty party. This is ok, but you want to have coverage in this case.  

Campervans are great ways to increase your flexibility and mobility when going on vacation. They are also perfect to live in, motorhomes being the most accessible choice in this regard. But no matter how flexible and affordable these vehicles are, you want to search for insurance policies with extended coverage and low prices.

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