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Home Industry Intelligence Fair shares as Ubeeqo links with YourParkingSpace

Fair shares as Ubeeqo links with YourParkingSpace

Europcar's Ubeeqo car club joins forces with parking app
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RECENTLY launched new transport solutions app Ubeeqo has joined forces with, the UK’s leading online car parking market place .

 Ubeeqo, owned by Europcar, already operates in cities across France, Belgium, and Germany and was launched in the UK during the second half of 2015.

It provides a range of transport solutions: a 24/7 car club service called Matcha, traditional car rental for longer journeys, and taxis.

YourParkingSpace will be sourcing new parking spaces for the Matcha cars as they expand across London and the rest of the UK, giving them more scope to place vehicles in convenient locations for its customers, while YourParkingSpace customers will benefit from exclusive discounts with Ubeeqo.

The partnership may include future plans for app integration to assist the car club drivers to find and book parking.

Commenting on the new partnership, MD Harrison Woods said: “We’re always looking to partner with like-minded companies and Ubeeqo is a really exciting new entrant to the UK market. They’re ambitious, we love their service, and they’re open to trying things, making them ideal partners for us.”

Ubeeqo and YourParkingSpace both in sharing economy

The Ubeeqo app challenges the convention of car ownership, tapping into the growing sharing economy and goes to the heart of the mobility challenges faced by those living in and around cities.

The partnership is a perfect fit as both companies operate in the sharing economy field, with Ubeeqo facilitating the optimisation of car usage whilst YourParkingSpace enables homeowners and businesses to rent out their unused parking spaces.

“It really makes no sense at all for someone living in a major town or city, such as London, to own a car any longer” said Benoit Chatelier, founder and chief executive of Ubeeqo.

“Ubeeqo makes urban mobility more convenient and more cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly too. Ubeeqo combines a range of mobility solutions so that travellers can arrange the best way to manage their journey, all from one app.

“Now with the help of YourParkingSpace we will be able to secure more parking space for our vehicles enabling us to spread our concept across more of the UK.”

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