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From short term tests and extended review periods, you'll find here what we think of the cars we drive and live with each month.

Skoda Octavia SE Technology Estate

The art of the impossible: Skoda Octavia SE Technology Estate 1.0 TSI long term...

An estate car powered by a 1.0 litre engine - that shouldn't work should it? Or does it? Here's our Skoda Octavia SE Technology Estate long-term review
Audi A5 Sportback

It might look like a coupe, but Audi A5 Sportback can shift the loads...

Audi A5 Sportback long term review - it might look like a crisp coupe with its sportback styling but it's also capable of carrying a load too. And then there's the ride and handling too
Audi A5 Sportback

Blue is the colour: Audi A5 Sportback 2.0 TDI ultra S line S tronic...

Blue is rising in popularity as a colour for cars. Handy, then, that our Audi A5 Sportback long term review car is in blue. Midnight blue. More here
p11d value

Seven reasons to lease an Audi Q7

I’VE been trying out Audi’s big Q7 recently – the largest SUV currently made by the company – and what with it being named the Q7, and having seven seats, I...
Ford Mondeo Vignale Estate front three quarters

Ford Mondeo Vignale Estate 2.0 TDCI 180 Powershift: third long-term report

I HAD an interesting conversation recently with a fellow social media user on Twitter.It went along the lines of:He: I can’t believe who would want to pay so much money for...
Nissan Qashqai 1.6 dCi 130 Tekna+ 2WD

Nissan Qashqai 1.6 dCi 130 Tekna+ 2WD review

Nissan Qashqai 1.6 dCi 130 Tekna+ 2WDP11D Value / BIK: £30,615 /25% 5-door SUV 128bhp/320Nm 1.6 litre, 4cyl diesel/six-speed manual Economy (comb) / CO2: 64.2mpg / 116g/km 0-62mph/top speed:...
MINI Countryman Cooper D

MINI Countryman Cooper D First Report: Getting to know the biggest MINI

MINI Countryman Cooper DList price: £24,585 Five-door SUV 150bhp 2.0-litre turbo diesel/6-speed manual CO2 emissions/ BIK: 113g/km / 24% Performance: 8.9 secs/129mph Economy claimed/ours: 51.4mpg/41mpg The weather might not be great,...
Bose 3D sound system

Audi Q7 3.0 TDI long term review 2: take a seat at Ronnie Scott’s

If you want to enjoy the sound of the real thing, then take a step inside our Audi Q7 with its stunning Bose 3D sound system. You'll be transported into the concert hall, jazz club, or music venue of your choice
MINI Cooper 1.5 five-door

MINI Cooper 1.5 five-door: sixth long-term report and reluctant farewell

MINI Cooper 1.5 five-doorList price: £16,170 Five-door hatch 136bhp 1.5-litre 3-cyl Euro 6 turbo petrol/6-speed manual CO2; BIK: 109g/km; 20% Economy /ours: 60.1mpg/45mpg Performance: 8.2sec/129mphAS predicted in my last report,...
Optima 1.7 CRDi 3 Sportswagon

Kia Optima 1.7 CRDi 3 Sportswagon Second Report

List price now: £24,655 Five-door estate 2017 BIK / CO2:  24% /113g/km 139bhp 1.7-litre turbo diesel /6-speed manual Performance: 9.8 secs/124mph Economy (official) /ours: 64.2mpg/43mpg   WE are over two months into...
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