Sunday, December 16, 2018
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Company car business mileage rates

Workers need to capture business mileage

Medium-sized Cambridgeshire firm trips up over mileage reporting to HMRC

A Cambridgeshire-based engineering company Ivor Searle received a spot check visit from HMRC in early 2015. On inspection, it was found employee mileage claims were being estimated and could not be...

Daikin stays cool on HMRC business mileage compliance

HMRC is continuing its SME Business Record Checks programme.And one of the items the taxman is looking for in your company’s record keeping is accurate business mileage records.HMRC says that its...
Businessman contemplates new company car mileage rates

Company car drivers hit by new business mileage rates

Rising fuel costs outstrip Advisory Fuel Rates
NEW HMRC Advisory Fuel Rates for company cars from September do drivers no favours
Editor Ralph Morton reports
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