Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Keep it legal

Everything to stay on the right side of the law, from driving eyesight regulations to company car compliance

phone penalty doubling

Many drivers unaware of mobile phone penalty doubling

Full implications of mobile phone penalty doublingLosing your licence could cost you your job and livelihood Penalty points substantially increase insurance costs for several years Employers have a duty of care...
vehicle excise duty rates for 2017

Road tax revival puts a price on green drive – and premium dreams –...

THERE’S no such thing as a free lunch and the days were numbered for tax-free new car motoring for many, thanks to George Osborne’s 2015 summer budget surprise shake-up of vehicle...
risks of mobile phone multi-tasking

High price of mobile phone multi-tasking at the wheel

Rising price of using mobile phones at wheel Proposed new penalties include:6 points on your licence, instead of the current three On-the-spot fine doubled from £100 to £200 Further details about...
mobile phones while driving

Stiffer penalties for hand-held phone use

The penalty for using a hand-held mobile phone while driving increases from the end of February.

Drivers caught using a hand-held mobile will now receive three penalty points and a L60 fixed penalty fine.

The fine could rise to L2500 if taken to court.

The new penalties are part of the Road Safety Bill, which is designed to make roads safer.

Prescription drugs or illegal substances, exceed the limit and it's a drug crime. Drug-driving - the penalties

Drug-driving – the penalties: Taking the tablets can put you off the road

WHILE we all know the risks of drinking and driving, how many of us have given a thought to how any medication we might be on could affect our ability to...

When brain injury threatens your driving livelihood

IF like me you have been driving for more years than you care to remember, you take your time behind the wheel for granted - but a brain injury can change...
Keep your company car drivers safer with Brake Pledge

Keep your company car drivers safer

COMPANY car drivers are being urged to take the Brake Pledge to help reduce fatal accidents on the roads of Britain.The road safety charity says that five people are killed every...
DVLA English driving licence

Checking a driving licence

IF someone needs to drive in the course of their work, it is imperative that employers begin by checking a driving licence for the legal entitlement to drive the appropriate vehicles, and for...

Company cars and Corporate Manslaughter

THE legislation governing company cars and corporate manslaughter law changed on 6 April 2008.The new law is the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007.The new corporate manslaughter act makes it easier...
Business man going to work in his company car

Corporate Manslaughter Act and duty of care

An employer’s duty of care car checklistEmployee holds a valid driving licence The car has a current MOT if more than three years old The vehicle is insured for business use The car is...
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