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Driving licence checks

How much do you know about your staff's driving records? All the stories and information on driving licence checks is here.

Abolition of the counterpart driving licence

A business car manager’s guide to handling the paperless licence

SCRAPPING of the ‘paper’ driving licence can pose operating headaches for small businesses with a compact pool of company cars.So the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) has published a...
Diarmuid Fahy

Alphabet joins up with Licence Bureau to introduce compliance management service

BUSINESS Mobility services specialist, Alphabet, has teamed up with driver licence compliance company Licence Bureau, as part of its growing driver compliance Risk Management contribution.Alphabet will be utilising Licence Bureau’s online...
Abolition of the counterpart driving licence

Abolition of the counterpart driving licence

So what's going on? No more counterpart? That's right. The driving licence counterpart was introduced in 1998 to display information that could not fit on the photocard driving licence.This information includes penalty points...

ADLV working with DVLA on new real-time driving licence data verification

THE newly formed ADLV (the Association for Driving Licence Verification)  is working closely with the DVLA to make life easier if you manage a small fleet of company cars.The association is working...
Mercedes-Benz B Class

SME fleet managers promised better access to driver licence records

 MANAGERS of company cars could get improved access to DVLA driver licence information, reducing the risks of employing unsuitable drivers, with the formation of the Association for Driving Licence Verification (ADLV).The...
Manager checking a driver licence record online

Access to driver licence records opened up to small business fleet

THE Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has announced employers will soon be able to check the validity of employees’ driving licences for free via its online service.Fleet decision-maker organisation, ACFO,...

Research reveals 1000+ business drivers are unlicensed

5 essentials for driving licence checks Dr Paul Ripley, the managing director of Driver Risk Dynmics and our expert on small fleet safety, suggests the following five essentials for driving licence checking:Always do a full...
DVLA English full licence sample

Thousands of drivers found to be illegal

Author:ROBIN ROBERTSThousands of workers in the UK are on the road illegally, suggest statistics from the Licence Bureau.According to the company, which verifies driving licences on behalf of businesses, there are...
Licence Bureau check

Licence checks reveal growing problem of illegal drivers who hide their details

 Author:ROBIN ROBERTSUK motorists are facing increasing danger on roads as thousands of workers are thought to be illegally driving for businesses.Based on the checks that it carries out every week, Licence...

Should the counterpart photocard issue number match the paper licence?

An SME director asks: I'm concerned that when reviewing driving licences for staff, the two parts of the driving licence do not match. Should they? We help out.
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