Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Everything to stay on the right side of the law, from driving eyesight regulations to company car compliance

driving offence conviction

Job-hunting with a driving offence conviction

A motoring conviction can involve a lengthy driving ban, which not only affects your daily life but can mean job-hunting with a driving offence conviction

Red alert as ‘grey fleet’ drivers slip past risk assessment radar

THERE'S a red alert as 'grey fleet' drivers slip past risk assessment more stringently applied to company car drivers.And that applies as much to business drivers who have taken a cash-for-car...
new sentencing guidelines

New sentencing guidelines for dangerous and careless driving offences

NEW sentencing guidelines to allow courts to impose much stiffer sentences for those found guilty of dangerous driving will be heading for parliament soon.Following a public consultation the Ministry of Justice...
road safety policy

New research shows over a fifth of UK businesses don’t have a road safety...

A NEW study from TomTom Telematics has revealed that over a fifth of UK businesses do not have a road safety policy in place. This leaves both the employees and the...
should I drive when I'm pregnant

Should I drive when I’m pregnant?

SHOULD I drive when I'm pregnant? The short answer for company car drivers and business owners is - of course you should!Driving while pregnant is fine; so long as you’re feeling...

Speeding: High costs of breaking the law

IF you're found guilty of a motoring offence in court the chances are it will be for one of speeding - and that could be through ignorance as much as blatant...
vehicle finance debt

Protecting your company from vehicle finance debt

 THE MAJORITY of businesses opt for some type of financing deal for their vehicles and while this is a great way to finance a company car, it is essential that you...
slicker tyre service

Alphabet rolls out slicker new online tyre service portal for drivers

IF YOU have your lease car through leasing company Alphabet then tyre changes should be slicker with a new online Tyre Replacement Portal rolled out in collaboration with Kwik Fit.In what...
Are you travelling in Europe this summer?

Correct documentation a priority for drivers travelling in Europe

IT'S not just us saying it - but the UK's largest leasing firm is too: make sure you have the right paperwork before driving off to Europe in your leased car.More...
cost of grey fleet

One in six firms fail to check grey fleet – private cars used for...

Current health and safety regulations stipulate that organisations need robust policies in place to ensure that every grey fleet car is fit for purpose, has a valid MoT, is insured for...
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