Tuesday, February 19, 2019
smart motorways

What you need to know about ‘smart motorways’

IT'S nearly 60 years since Britain's first motorway opened and now there is a new generation emerging within the blue network and there are things you need to know about 'smart...
should I drive when I'm pregnant

Should I drive when I’m pregnant?

SHOULD I drive when I'm pregnant? The short answer for company car drivers and business owners is - of course you should!Driving while pregnant is fine; so long as you’re feeling...
snow A3 glynn

Twenty tips for business drivers to stay safe motoring in snow

If driving is your business - 5 key pointsIf you are a manager you have a duty of care and must ensure there is a policy in place and issued to...
Driving in heatwave

Top tips to stay cool while driving in the heat

IT’S 9am and a thermometer in the centre of Barcelona already indicates that it's 30 degrees.Phew! That’s hot, hot, hot!when the interior temperature of a car is 35 degrees, a driver's...
driving tips for travelling abroad

Summer driving tips for travelling abroad

Documents checklistValid full driving licence Driving licence paper counterpart International Driving Permit (if required) Original vehicle registration document (V5c) or a Vehicle on Hire certificate (VE103) - Letter of authorisation from the...
Winter driving 800

Hard-pressed company car drivers more likely to risk snow and ice

COMPANY car drivers are much more likely to risk driving in winter conditions of ice and snow than private motorists, RAC research has found.The survey, which was carried out as part...
IAM 800

Wet, wet, wet: driving advice in the rain

KIRAN Devgun from the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) shares her advice with company car drivers travelling in the heavy rain.With more showers on their way road surfaces are expected to get...
Winter driving 800

Safeguard your company vehicles this winter with fuelGenie

THE first signs of winter are upon us, so supermarket fuel card provider, fuelGenie, is advising company vehicle owners to perform simple checks on their cars and vans to ensure drivers are...
silhouette A 2014 800

Are you dying to get to work?

ARE you dying to get to work ?Well, more than 30 people die every week on UK roads - a third of them driving for work.It is not just bus, coach...
Winter driving 800

Alphabet shares top tips to stay safe on the roads this winter

BUSINESS mobility specialist, Alphabet, has shared its top tips to help drivers stay safe on the roads this winter.With the clocks soon changing, and the launch of a new campaign by Think!...
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