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SME business motoring and fleet management

All the latest news on managing business cars, from vehicle financing, maintenance, telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, speed management, fuel management and health and safety management for SMEs with company cars and small fleets

controlling business mileage

Controlling business mileage

With fuel costs becoming more volatile than ever, taking control of business mileage fuel spend is more crucial than ever. And that's where a fuel card with intelligent analysis of spend can help
The car moves at great speed at the night

Silvey Fleet launches new style fuel card with management monitoring

HOW is the administration of your company car fleet? Perhaps you have some vans to look after as well to complicate the mix.Not just the organising of the car or van...
Opting out of a company car scheme needn't be a worry

Opting out of a company car scheme needn’t be a worry

WHEN you are in the enviable position of being offered a company car it's tempting to opt for something you've always wanted but couldn't necessarily justify.It doesn't matter if your heart's...
If your car is written off (or stolen) the insurer will only pay up the current market value - and that will not be enough for a like-for-like replacement, let alone paying off any finance liability you may have. That's where GAP insurance comes in

What is GAP insurance?

If your car is written off, the insurance payout will leave you out of pocket when you come to get a replacement. That's where GAP insurance comes in to fill the gap between the price paid and the market value of the car. It's also applicable to car leasing.
Top of the hatchbacks for reliability – the VW Polo

What is the most reliable hatchback for your business motoring?

If you have decided not to take a company car, but run your own instead, reliability is a key issue. So which hatchback should you choose?
London ULEZ to extend boundaries to North and South circular roads in 2021

London ULEZ to extend boundaries to North and South circular roads in 2021

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has announced an extension of the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) from Central London to an area defined by the North and South Circular roads. The extended ULEZ starts 2021
climbing fuel prices

De-dieselisation and climbing fuel prices a double hit on business motoring

TWO conjoining features are beginning to hit business motoring to push up costs.First is the move away from fuel efficient diesels to petrol cars, increasing fuel costs to business.The second is...
Car undergoing MOT

MOT changes turn fails into passes and threaten older diesels

On Sunday, May 20, 2018, the MOT changes. But as things stand no one seems to know what it will actually amount to on Monday morning, says Richard Lofthouse, writing about the latest changes to business motoring
Used cars available for sale

Watch out for hidden finance fraud when you change your car

Watch out for hidden finance fraud when you change your car warns HPI, especially company car drivers coming out of company car schemes - one in three used cars has finance owing on it
should I drive when I'm pregnant

Should I drive when I’m pregnant?

SHOULD I drive when I'm pregnant? The short answer for company car drivers and business owners is - of course you should!Driving while pregnant is fine; so long as you’re feeling...
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