Monday, January 21, 2019

Business Car Manager acquires Motor Trade News

Business Car Manager has acquired the Motor Trade News website. Motor Trade News will commence publishing on July 24, 2018, while its new editor will be established and experienced journalist Chris Wright
Buy or lease

Should you lease or buy equipment?

AS a business owner you will need certain equipment - such as computers, machinery or vehicles. Not only do you have to think about selecting the right sort of equipment for...
Buy Now Pay Later

Does a company car make sense for your business?

Considering a company car for your business can feel like a big decision, with a lot of pros and cons to think about. Every business is different and we’re here to...
Honda SME business

Honda’s appeal to SME business users – and should you go petrol, diesel or...

HONDA is a brand that has always resonated strongly with SME businesses.It's no doubt down to that great combination of sportiness laced with lashings of dependable reliability.Think Type R. And Civic....
classic cars in a row

Four tips for starting a classic car collection

Classic cars, like classic rock, don’t seem as if they will ever lose their appeal. It’s no wonder that so many people avidly collect these vehicles. If you are considering joining...
Buying a Private Number Plate

The main do’s and don’ts of buying a private number plate

Drivers who want to make their car stand out with a personalised registration plate can expect to pay top dollar for the most popular letter and number combinations currently available in...
Five ways to make your car more comfortable

Five ways to make your car more comfortable

WHEN most people buy cars, they tend to focus on how it looks and what features or gadgets it has. While these things are important, it is also equally vital to...
Business Motoring Stand

Electric cars and leasing top agenda at London Motor Show

Electric cars and leasing top agenda at London Motor Show on the Business Car Manager SME Business Motoring Stand
Benfield Ford showroom built by Smart spaces

Flexible building solutions to vehicle workshop space restrictions

VEHICLE workshops throughout the UK face a problem. The issue is one of space.Having a busy workshop to repair vehicles damaged and sent in for repair presents unique challenges around having...
Royals & Their Cars

Royals & Their Cars

Did you know that 1969 Aston Martin DB6 MK2 Volante owned by Prince of Wales runs on Royal grapes?   To celebrate the upcoming Royal wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle, Fulton Leasing,...
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