Thursday, February 21, 2019

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The Business Car Manager blog is where the editor Ralph Morton gives us the behind-the-scenes glimpse into the automotive industry, whether it’s the latest car launch or the issues of running a small business. Occasionally we also invite guest bloggers to provide their own insight on the automotive world and business cars in particular.

Astra OS front 2017

Why OnStar makes the Astra a real winner

AT the beginning of this year, we announced our SME Company Car of the Year winners.The overall winner was the Vauxhall Astra - in Tech Line 1.6CDTi 110PS ecoFLEX S/S trim...
Screen Shot 2017 02 08 at 19.16.00

Car leasing firm offers operatic welcome

IT’S not every day that  you call a car leasing firm for a lease quote and get greeted with an operatic welcome. But that’s exactly what happened with operatic operators at the...
Woman driving a short term leasing car

Economic conditions to boost short-term leasing

What is short-term leasing?The provision of a car from three months to six months Longer periods are available - known as medium term leasing - from six months to 18...

Would you Skype in your car?

TECHNOLOGY is surrounding us. Usually to good effect, making our lives easier and more informed. But how would you like to take a Skype meeting in your car?Hmmm....There was a time when...
HUH Chocolate Ralph Candy Mechanics

Meeting the future in the House of Hyundai

I POPPED along to the House of Hyundai - or perhaps I should say #HouseofHyundai - in London's Soho last night.It's a pop-up installation to highlight and explore some of the themes...
Ford Mustang Convertible

The business case for a Ford Mustang

IF there was one car launch I wasn't going to miss it was this: to drive the new Ford Mustang.That iconic Pony car, immortalised in the film Bullitt, is now over...
Dany Garand Audi TT RS

We don’t do fashionable design says Audi’s Dany Garand

WOW! That's some statement when you're just unveiling the world debut of a Roadster, in this case the powerhouse convertible version of the Mk3 Audi TT Coupe. But Dany Garand was adamant....
Southampton driving simulator a study into the perceptions of automated vehicles

Can you tell if a car is driverless or not?

Understanding people’s perceptions of automated vehiclesStudy being undertaken by the Transportation Research Group at University of Southampton Wants to understand if we know when cars are driverless or not If you want to take part in...
Checking tyre pressure LR

Car safety inspections

Car safety inspectionsIf you want to read a bit more on what you should be doing as a business owner, then Simon Oliphant has written a piece for us on...
diesel fill shutterstock_7169236

Will the diesel fuel price drop encourage company car drivers back to the diesels?

Who’s the real winner in the fuel price drop Don’t forget! Of every £1 per litre60p is fuel duty and about 16p will be VAT So the biggest winner is the Chancellor.GREAT news for...
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