Thursday, February 21, 2019
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The Business Car Manager blog is where the editor Ralph Morton gives us the behind-the-scenes glimpse into the automotive industry, whether it’s the latest car launch or the issues of running a small business. Occasionally we also invite guest bloggers to provide their own insight on the automotive world and business cars in particular.

Business Motoring Stand

Electric cars and leasing top agenda at London Motor Show

Electric cars and leasing top agenda at London Motor Show on the Business Car Manager SME Business Motoring Stand
The new Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR Concept

VW to make the ultimate GTI

If you're wanting to order a VW Golf as your next company car, then hold off a bit - you need to wait for the finished version of the ultimate GTI version, the VW Golf GTI TCR Concept
Maserati Official Automotive Partner to Harlequins

Maserati becomes automotive partner of Harlequins

HARLEQUINS. A great team. My team. But we've had something of a, err, rocky season...So it was massively heartening to hear there is something to rev up the team's rugby: Maserati...
Renault Zoe electric vehicle

The three most common questions asked about EVs

What are the three most common questions asked before customers go electric? Ben Fletcher, Renault’s EV expert, explains what they are
How long to plug into plug in car grant

Government causes further confusion over lack of clarity on Plug-in Car Grant

SME business motoring is being hampered in the take up of electric cars by the Government’s lack of clarity on the Plug-in Car Grant. Which officially ends at the end of March 2018
Driving forward to an uncertain company car tax landscape

Future Company Car Tax visibility absent in Spring Statement

I LIKE spring. It’s a time to look forward. Put the dark days of winter behind us.But the Chancellor’s Spring Statement gave us no forward visibility on Company Car Tax. No...

Put your feet up and let self-driving slippers come to you

Did you ever expect that autonomous driving would bring you self-driving slippers? No, hadn't occurred to us either. But those clever chaps at Nissan....
Skoda SME Direct

Skoda’s new SME Direct aims to provide total company car care programme for small...

Head of Skoda fleet, Henry Williams, discusses the benefits of the company's new SME small fleet product, Skoda SME Direct with editor Ralph Morton
Scandalised woman OMG

Company car drivers given scandalous treatment in the Budget

Company car drivers have been given scandalous treatment in the Budget with an additional 1% tax on diesel drivers. Grossly unfair says editor Ralph Morton
Elliott Woodhead Arval

The key issues facing SME small fleets

Editor Ralph Morton met Arval's Elliott Woodhead to find out what the key issues are facing SME small fleets in a time when future choice appears confusing
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