160721 Hyundai Motor Establishes Project IONIQ Lab 1

Are South Koreans set to take over the automotive market?

The South Korean car industry has changed dramatically in the last 30 years and while both Hyundai and Kia now build most of their cars abroad, that’s only because they’ve run out of the physical space to keep up with demand at home.
road accident

Rules of the roads that you should follow

Some accidents may happen due to sheer bad luck or due to external reasons but most of them happen due to driver’s fault. That’s why it is essential that you review some of the unwritten road rules so that you can drive safely.
Finance Lease

Should you lease a car personally or through your business?

However, as society moves away from purchasing outright, more flexible options such as car leasing have increased in popularity.
VW Polo most reliable hatchback 1

Why car finance is important

Finance can help make quality cars a more realistic acquisition for potential buyers and gives them hope to drive something that’s safe and functional.
Audi on demand

Three ways SMEs can save money on company cars

SMEs may think that being able to run a company car would be too expensive or not cost effective. There are however a variety of ways that SMEs can save money when operating company cars.
Parking in city of london

What you need to know about credit

When it comes to applying for finance, you need to be careful with credit checks.
fleet products

Eight tips to prepare for those long road trips

Don't leave things to the chance - spend some time and effort in minimising the possibility of unforeseen circumstances. 

How autonomous driving will become more common this year

Self-driving cars and other autonomous revolutions are gaining speed and will change our everyday lives in a big way. Every automobile manufacturer is heavily investing money on self-driving technology with 2018 seeing many pilot schemes taken onto city roads and highways.
Finance lease

How to tell if a car loan broker is of high quality

Using car finance as a way to purchase a car, whether new or used, has steadily gained popularity over the years, allowing all types of people to get behind the wheel,...
Woman with a Full Personal Lease vehicle from Lookers Leasing

Five things to expect on your first driving lesson

We tend to forget the fact that the aspect of expectations itself tend to ruin things for us. This is because when we have a picture of what to expect and things don’t go that way, we tend to feel let down.
what to do in an accident

Getting prepared: 10 things you should always have in your car

Unfortunately, no matter how careful we are, sometimes accidents and breakdowns can, and do happen. So let’s get prepared!Before you consider even taking to the road, ensure you have breakdown cover...
Supercross Racing

What you need to know about Supercross racing

OK, we know, a bit leftfield for a business motoring title, but why not something a little different? A bit of automotive fun that's spectacular, skillful and...well, just a little muddy.Supercross...
snowy roads

Things to think about when driving in the winter

With winter sweeping in, driving conditions are slowly worsening, making now the perfect time to check you have everything in place to ensure you have the safest possible winter on the...
BMW 330e phev at charge point

What does the future hold for EV charging?

There’s general consensus in the automotive industry that the future is electric. However, there’s not much agreement on what that future actually looks like.I thought it would be interesting to dig...
CHR Carline

Car buying for business: Three top tips for purchasing an effective fleet

Effective and affordable company cars are integral to many businesses as an essential mode of transport for employees. Compared to most public transport, they are the most cost effective, reliable and...
check van insurance

How to check that you have the right insurance for your van

In the general scheme of things, most of us will know whether they have the correct, or indeed any, insurance policy for their van or vans. However, there are times when...
leasing car smes

Why business car leasing makes sense for SMEs

Company cars are a fact of business life, the only question is how best to finance them. Enter Business Car Leasing, a formal agreement to lease a new car at a...
learning to drive

The do’s and don’ts of learning to drive

For most of us, learning to drive is a very stressful experience. On average it takes around forty-five hours of lessons to pass a test, which will cost in the region...
car warranty

What are the different types of car warranties available?

If you’re buying a new or used car you will be presented with a range of different warranty types. It can be confusing when you’ve not read up on the differences...
1449580_Servicing Satisfaction

A guide to used car warranties

Cars can break down at any moment in their lifetime so a guide to used car warranties is recommended for reading
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