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Volkswagen e-Golf at charge point

Budget 2018: Electric charge points 100% FYA extended

Electric charge points installed by businesses will qualify for an extended period of 100% First Year Allowances it was announced in Budget 2018
Driving picture of Mazda6

Budget 2018: VED changes announced for 2020

Budget 2018 Vehicle Excise Duty rates announced that from April 2020 VED rates would be based on WLTP emissions; meanwhile 2019 rates would rise in line with the RPI
Renault Zoe electric car driving in London

Budget 2018: Company car tax to be based on WLTP from April 2020

If there was an end to austerity announced in the Budget 2018, company car drivers won't feel the effect with no change in taxation
company car tax

The Business Motoring Week, October 26, 2018

The Business Motoring Week, October 26, 2018: what the editor would like to see in the Budget; plus killer clocks; flexible van carrying ability with new Combo; and McLaren Speedtail
Arval Re-Lease

Lease a car for less

Lease a car for less. Sounds ideal. It's a new used car leasing scheme from Arval called Arval Re-Lease - and promises prices at least 20% lower than if they were new
Servicing Satisfaction

A guide to used car warranties

Cars can break down at any moment in their lifetime so a guide to used car warranties is recommended for reading
Audi e-tron

The Business Motoring Week, October 19, 2018

The Business Motoring Week, October 19, 2018 features a call to bring forward the zero emission date; and why Vauxhall is looking forward to year of the van
sucker punch

The Business Motoring Week, October 12, 2018

Wham! Out of the blue comes the Government's Plug-in Car Grant changes. Reaction and more in The Business Motoring Week, October 12, 2018
MINI three trim choices

MINI changes trim structure. Choose from MINI Classic, MINI Sport and MINI Exclusive

MINI has changed its trim structure to enable an easier five step choice to a new MINI. There's now Classic, Sport and Exclusive. And no more Chili Packs
BMW i3s 120Ah being charged from a BMW iBox homecharger

Government cuts Plug-In Car Grant – PHEVs no longer eligible

Government cuts Plug-In Car Grant by £1000 as it hopes to promote uptake of electric vehicles - but PHEVs no longer eligible
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