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Volvo Reviews

All the latest Volvo company car reviews are here.

150601 Volvo XC90 Launch Monday Martyn Collins0121

Volvo XC90 2.0 D5 AWD Momentum review: More of the premium, less of the...

Volvo XC90 2.0 D5 AWD Momentum review What is it? AFTER 12 years, this is the replacement for one of the most popular Volvo models, the XC90 SUV – after all Volvo has...
Volvo V40 front dynamic 800

Volvo V40 D4 Manual SE NAV : New engine gives company car tax boost

Company Car Review of the Volvo V40 D4 Manual SE NAV What is it? HERE'S Volvo’s V40 running with the company’s latest Drive-E engine.Offered in two guises, as the 2.0-litre petrol T5 or diesel...
Volvo XC60 front 800

Volvo XC60 D5 AWD SE Lux Nav review: luxury, practicality and the usual Volvo...

Verdict: A great combination of luxury, practicality and safety for the small business owner or SME directorVolvo XC60 D5 AWD SE Lux Nav What is it? THE Volvo XC60 D5 AWD SE Lux...
Volvo sales 800

Demand for salesman free test drives on the rise

Have you ever wanted to test drive a car without a salesman breathing down your neck, spewing trivia such as boot space, top speed and fuel economy? Seems you’re not the only...
Volvo V60 Hybrid 800

Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid: a premium sportwagon for supermini money

VOLVO is trying to get potential buyers to look beyond the V60 Plug-in Hybrid R-Design's comparatively steep £51,675 list price and weigh up some of the big tax and other savings...
Volvo V60 Polestar 4 crop

Volvo V60 Polestar review: return of the banzai Swedish estate?

Volvo doesn't make many out and out performance cars - when it does they're usually pretty good.
First interior shots of the new Volvo XC90

First look inside the new Volvo XC90

IT was Volvo's first SUV crossover and it has lasted well, but after twelve years, it's time for a new Volvo XC90. Now the company has provided the first hints about the...

Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid gets the R-Design treatment

VOLVO is introducing a sportier version of its V60 plug-in hybrid estate in order to widen its appeal. The new R-Design version gets a redesigned front bumper and grille, rear diffuser and...

Do you understand the risks attached to running a small fleet?

FAR too many business drivers are risks on the road, and the companies that employ them are doing too little about it.Collisions involving business drivers regularly result in their employers going...

Volvo safety system that ‘learns’ your driving habits

“OK, you’ve clearly been at the wheel too long, I’m taking over….” Not the thoughts of a partner fretting in the passenger seat, but potentially the car itself.Sensors will be able to...

Volvo Concept Estate showcases iPad-like controls

EVEN the most casual observer of the motor industry will know that the days of boxy Volvos driven by antique dealers are long gone, but there's another revolution going on inside...
Ferrari Apple CarPlay

Making your smartphone part of your car

APPLE’s new ‘CarPlay’ system, unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, will resonate with business users as much as it will with fashion-conscious teenage drivers. The system effectively integrates an iPhone into the...

“Parcel for the Volvo in the car park…”

YOU need that vital package, but you can’t wait around for a delivery man, especially as you need to be travelling all day, constantly in and out of meetings. Well now Volvo...
1352_Volvo V40_Performance and economy

New diesel brings huge performance and economy boost for the Volvo V40

VOLVO is now going to fit its economical and powerful new new D4 Drive-E engines to its popular V40 hatch. The Drive-E power-trains have already won plenty of praise in Volvo's big...

Volvo S80 D4 car review: luxury saloon gets new tax-defying diesel

Here's Volvo's luxury saloon model with the new ultra-efficient D4 diesel engine. Can SME directors really have their luxury company car cake and eat it for such modest bills?
1339_Volvo_S60_R Design

Volvo means business with change of name to Volvo Business Sales

VOLVO means business – and that’s why the corporate boys have changed what they are called to Volvo Business Sales. The change in name from corporate sales happened at the beginning of...

SMEs head for Volvo, advanced notice of BIK rates, and Toyota’s hot bottom problem

MET up with head of business sales Selwyn Cooper the other week at the launch of the new Drive-E diesel engines. It’s always a pleasure to meet Selwyn; he has such an...

Volvo S60 D4 car review – new tax-busting diesel transforms company car appeal

Company car tax for the Volvo S60 is as little as £53 a month with the new D4 engine. Has Volvo had to make any compromises elsewhere to achieve this?

Volvo XC Coupe Concept wows Detroit judges

VOLVO’s XC Coupe Concept has clocked up two awards at the Detroit show. The stylish two-door coupe has been named the best concept car of the show, and been given a second...

Shrinking Volvo engines power big company car tax breaks

NEVER considered a Volvo? Might be time you did thanks to a radical and very tax advantageous re-working of the engine range. In future, every engine in the new Volvo Drive-E line-up...
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