Sunday, November 18, 2018

Suzuki Reviews

All the latest Suzuki company car reviews are here.

Suzuki Vitara SZ5 1.6 DDiS ALL GRIP

Suzuki Vitara SZ5 1.6 DDiS ALL GRIP review: value business 4×4

Suzuki Vitara SZ5 1.6 DDiS ALL GRIP What is it? MEET Suzuki’s new shape Vitara. Pressed into action here, both on and off-road, ahead of its full UK intro this spring.Yes, 2015 marks...
Suzuki, Swift

Suzuki discontinues diesel Swift

SUZUKI has made a few tweaks to the Swift super-mini. The big change for economy-minded, tax-conscious company car drivers is that the diesel-engined 1.3DDiS model has been dropped. Although it attracted favourable reviews,...
THe Suzuki Swift Sport five door

Five-door practicality for the Suzuki Swift Sport

SUZUKI has been doing a bit of mixing and matching and come up with a five-door version of the Swift Sport. The sportiest Swift has been on sale as a three-door since...
The Suzuki Swift 4x4

Suzuki Swift – now with four-wheel drive

  SUZUKI is now offering what promises to be one of the best value-for-money 4x4s on the UK market - an all-wheel drive version of its nippy super-mini, the Swift. The permanent all-wheel...
Suzuki Kizashi

Suzuki Kizashi road test: a glimpse at a rare gem

This is a superb car to drive - fast, comfortable and refined. And the one you're in will almost certainly be the only one you'll ever see.
Suzuki S-Cross Concept

Suzuki takes aim at small businesses with new S-Cross

There will be a new Suzuki compact SUV launched in 2013 which the company plans to make business car friendly for the small business company car driver.

Ford has the lowest repair costs

Story: DAVID WILKINS IF you want to keep repair costs down on your company cars, buy a Ford. That's the message of a survey carried out by and Warranty Direct. The survey,...

Honda tops the reliability charts

Story: David Wilkins IF you want to keep your company cars out on the road earning their keep, there's only one brand to choose – Honda. That's according to a useful survey...

Suzuki raise their game for business drivers and managers

 Author:ROBIN ROBERTSIndependent professionals are the new target for Suzuki.Its financial services arm has teamed up with long established partner Black Horse to deliver a new set of tailor made plans for...

Suzuki Splash aims to wash away your blues

 Author:ROBIN ROBERTSStyling refreshments to both exterior and interior brings Suzuki Splash right up to date for the second half of 2012.Most importantly there are no increases in pricing and Suzuki’s...
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