Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Nissan Reviews

All the latest Nissan company car reviews are here.

Nissan Leaf Tekna

Nissan Leaf Tekna 30kWh: Landmark low tax electric car improved with extra range

Nissan Leaf Tekna 30kWh What is it? The Nissan Leaf Tekna 30kWh is the latest improved-range version of the UK's biggest-selling all-electric car, now with 25% more range, or a total of 155...
Nissan, Pulsar, front, cornering

Nissan Pulsar 1.5 dCi 110 Tekna review: Nissan does standard family hatch

Company Car Review of the Nissan Pulsar 1.5 dCi 110 Tekna What is it? THE Nissan Pulsar represents Nissan's return to the traditional five-door small-family hatchback sector, the brutally competitive part of the market...

Nissan X-Trail car review – the SUV turns company car

Gone is the more traditional 4x4 air of the old X-Trail and in its place is a sleek blown-up version of the Qashqai. Even in 4WD guise it's a pretty deft company car tax dodger.

Nissan returns to the mainstream with Pulsar

NISSAN has released details of its new Golf-class car, the Pulsar. Any new model from a big manufacturer like Nissan in this part of the market is important news, but the arrival...

New Nissan X-Trail boasts tax-dodging diesel

NISSAN has announced a successor to the popular Nissan X-Trail. The latest car, seen for the first time at this week’s Geneva Motor Show, is based on a new platform jointly developed...
New Nissan Qashqai

New Nissan Qashqai car review: tax-dodging is just one of its talents

Sharper than before, great premium feel, very well equipped, and with rock bottom company car tax. You should take a look.

New tax efficient Nissan Qashqai starts at £17,595

NISSAN has announced prices and specs for the recently-announced second-generation Nissan Qashqai crossover which goes on sale at the beginning of next year. The range starts at £17,595, a modest increase...
New Nissan Qashqai

New Nissan Qashqai adds tax dodging diesel to the range

NISSAN has unveiled the second-generation version of the Nissan Qashqai, the car that sparked off the big industry trend towards small and medium-sized crossover models back in 2007. The main draw for...
Driverless car

Driverless cars will be tested on UK roads

Photo credit, Robotcar: Department of Engineering Science THE Government has announced that it plans to test driverless car technology on roads by the end of the year. This is part of a...
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