Saturday, March 23, 2019

MINI Reviews

All the latest MINI company car reviews are here.

MINI Cooper 1.5 LT snowfoam

Long-term MINI Cooper 1.5 five-door: 3rd report

MINI Cooper 1.5 five- door - the figuresP11D: £16,170 without options Doors and body style: Five-door hatch Engine/gearbox: 1.5-litre 3-cylinder Euro 6 turbo petrol/6-speed manual CO2 emissions: 109g/km Economy (combined):...
MINI Cooper 1.5 LT threequarter

MINI Cooper 1.5 five-door – 2nd report

AFTER the first month with my MINI Cooper 1.5 five-door, apart from the colour, about the only thing I wasn’t so happy about was the drop in fuel economy. So far...
MINI Countryman Cooper D Jan 17

MINI Countryman Cooper D: Another big MINI perfect for business

MINI Countryman Cooper D What is it? The all-new MINI Countryman SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle), that like the Clubman before it, has grown and is an even better fit for business.The outgoing Countryman,...

MINI Clubman John Cooper Works ALL4: The ultimate usable fast MINI?

MINI Clubman John Cooper Works ALL4 What is it?The next, final and probably most predictable development of the Clubman - the high-performance range-topping MINI Clubman John Cooper Works ALL4 version, which after...
MINI Cooper 1.5 five door review

MINI Cooper 1.5 five-door: First report

TO help me get over the departure of my previous MINI long-termer, the Clubman Cooper D, I was grateful when MINI UK offered me a MINI Cooper 1.5 five-door petrol replacement.On...
Long term MINI Clubman loaded

MINI Clubman Cooper D Final Report: 6-door MINI passes luggage test

MINI Clubman Cooper D TIME flies when you’re having fun and it’s hard to believe I’ve had my MINI Clubman Cooper D for over six months now. But the last month of...
MINI Clubman Cooper D LT4

MINI Clubman Cooper D Fourth report: Likeable estate with a split personality 

MINI Clubman Cooper D Fourth report If you’ve been following my MINI Clubman Cooper D  long-term reviews, you’ll have probably noticed we haven’t had the best of luck with this car so...
MINI Cooper S Convertible

MINI Cooper S Convertible review: Fast MINI soft top offers great driving thrills

MINI Cooper S Convertible What is it? The MINI Cooper S Convertible is one of the fastest, third-generation versions of the best-selling new MINI Convertible, a soft top offering plenty of thrills. What’s hot?That 189bhp...
MINI Cooper Convertible

New MINI Cooper Convertible review: Affordable running for keen driving MINI

MINI Cooper Convertible What is it? The latest, and bigger, third-generation version of the best-selling new MINI Convertible - now based on the F56 hatch in Cooper form. What’s hot?The latest MINI Cooper Convertible...
MINI Clubman LT 3 main

MINI Clubman Cooper D third report: Big MINI proves a perfect mile muncher

AFTER a month of body massaging back at MINI, I was lucky that the return of my  MINI Clubman Cooper D long-termer, coincided with a long bank holiday drive to see...
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