Wednesday, April 24, 2019

BMW 4 Series Convertible lines up with the new Coupe

THE new BMW 4 Series Convertible isn't typical company car territory, but given the popularity of the 3 Series Convertible there is sure to be more than a passing interest in BMW's...

BMW 520d M Sport car review – so fast and frugal it killed off...

A plum choice for those who don't want low running costs to get in the way of performance and luxury.

BMW 4 Series car review – the 3 Series coupe declares independence

BMW has decided that the 3 Series coupe is now sufficiently different from the saloon to justify its own model number. Enter the 4 Series. We've driven the top-of-the-range 435i 8-speed auto.

New BMW X5 offers business friendly options

THE great appeal for business users of this third-gen SUV from BMW will be a company car-friendly two-wheel drive version for lower emissions and better mpg.  The basic BMW X5 sDrive25d will...

BMW’s electric i3 charges in

BMW has been showing off the new electric i3 in production form for the first time. As well as its electric drivetrain, the BMW i3 embodies other important innovations such as...
1096 BMW_i3_with_person

BMW i3 to cost £369 a month on a personal lease

THE all-electric BMW i3 lease cost will be £369 (inc VAT) on a personal car lease when it is launched in November 2013. BMW insiders had hinted it would be close to...

SMEs buy into BMW Business Partnership

BUMPED into BMW’s Adam Harley last week at a BMW Group Corporate ‘Designed for Driving Pleasure’ event last week.Adam looks after the BMW Group’s Business Partnership programme.This is a tailored programme...

BMW claims an electric car convert

I HAD a chance to sample the BMW ActiveE while I was at the BMW Corporate BMW Group Corporate ‘Designed for Driving Pleasure’ event last week (see blog SMEs buy into...

MINI ALL4 adds 5 ‘little squirts’ to the London Fire Brigade

THEY may be 10 tons lighter than a traditional fire engine but the fleet of five MINI Countryman models now being used by the London Fire Brigade is proving to be...
P90123460 highRes

3rd generation BMW X5 gets entry level 2 litre diesel and 2WD

BMW has unveiled the third-generation of its X5 luxury SUV. The new BMW X5 will be more company car tax efficient than before which should please directors of SME firms. For the first...
BMW 5 Series1

BMW 518d is the new 5 Series tax buster

BMW has introduced a new, business-friendly diesel option for the recently-revised 5-Series. The 518d uses a less powerful EU6-compliant 143PS version of BMW's 2.0-litre diesel engine, and thanks to CO2 emissions as...

BMW shows Pininfarina designed Gran Lusso Coupe

BMW has linked with one of the most famous and longest-established Italian design houses, Pininfarina, to produce a new large coupe concept - the Gran Lusso Coupe. The car is being...

BMW Business Edition targets SMEs with ready-for-business range

BMW is set to introduce a series of Business Edition models to its 1, 3 and X1 ranges, in an effort to boost their appeal to small businesses and company car...

BMW cans the 520d EfficientDynamics in range revamp

FOR years, it's been a firm favourite with cost-conscious business car drivers but the fuel-sipping 520d EfficientDynamics is no more.  The change comes as part of a big programme of across-the-range changes...

Big roll-out as BMW electric i cars charge into the market

 BMW is gearing up for a big launch later this year for its new electric cars which will be marketed under the i brand. From the start, 46 UK BMW dealers will...

BMW Z4 18i car review – where could you get more fun for your...

Here's a new entry level Z4. It's £2100 cheaper - and we think it's the pick of the range.

BMW 318d Gran Turismo car review – add style, remove tax, enjoy

BMW joins the fray with the likes of the Evoque and Audi Sportback in a burgeoning executive sector.

1 in 3 new BMW 3 Series will be a Gran Turismo

SO what do we make of the new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo? Big for a 3 Series, that’s for sure; a neat step up, or down, from a 5 Series, certainly. A...

New Gran Turismo model extends BMW 3 Series appeal

BMW is launching its new 3 Series flagship model on 15 June: the 3 Series Gran Turismo. Like the 5 Series Gran Turismo range above it, the 3 Series Gran Turismo is...
728_BMW i3_concept

Biker power will extend BMW i3 electric range

BMW has confirmed that its i3, electric city car will also be offered with a range extender when it goes on sale later this year in the UK, thus effectively adding...
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