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Car leasing plans and prices

More and more small businesses are turning to business car leasing to fund their new business cars. It’s a simple way to acquire a new car on a regular basis without having to find a huge chunk of capital. So what are the benefits of a business car lease? And what are the drawbacks? You’ll find all the information here.

sole trader at a workstation

Advice: I’m a sole trader, so what’s the best way for me to run...

IF YOU operate your business as a sole trader, then all your sole trader business car motoring expenses can be met by the business, provided all private motoring elements are deducted.That's...
PCH soaring in popularity

PCH soaring in popularity

The figures showing PCH popularityMarket trend cars +11% 39% of new contracts are contract hire. Contract hire represents 50% of cars on fleet. PCH has continued to grow. 41% of new contracts...

Six business cars to keep down your fuel and BIK bills

WITH fuel prices riding high,  having been accelerated by the weakening price of sterling against the dollar, the universal currency for oil, businesses will need to rein in their company car...
Toyota My Finance service

Toyota launches My Finance service

HERE’S something a bit new: Toyota has launched an on online portal called My Finance.It allows customers who have an agreement with Toyota Financial Services to keep track of their finance...
Concept 5 Star Guarantee

Concept 5 Star Guarantee backs customer service pledge

Concept Vehicle Leasing highlightsSmall Fleet Leasing Awards 2015 - Best small fleet leasing company 250-1,00 vehicles Sponsorship of Team GB hockey athlete Georgie Twigg selected for Rio Olympics 2016SURREY-based Concept Vehicle Leasing has launched...
802 car woman1

Millennials rising in leasing demand

The Millennial generation:Millennial age is around 18-34, born mid 1980s-on to be growing up through the Millennium year 2000 Millennials' car leasing enquiries surged in 2015 Millennials make up more...
roof dents

How to challenge end-of-lease charges – and win

SOMETIMES it seems like a lose-lose situation.You return a hard-worked lease car with a few little scrapes and dents and expect some financial penalty. But what if the hire company levies more...

How small businesses can provide company cars and stay flexible

Smaller businesses rarely have the budget, capacity or need to employ a dedicated fleet manager. Leasing providers can offer a more cost effective option suggests Hitachi
Peugeot Boxer

Big Peugeot Boxer attractive for business at under £10 a day

NEED something bigger than an estate car?Freshly  revised in 2014, the Peugeot Boxer is a serious large panel van contender for rivals such as the Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter.What makes...

New lease accounting rules for business car leases

Should I stop leasing? Hey, no! It’s an accounting rule change that won’t affect the majority of UK companies.The benefits of business car leasing continue: Budgeted monthly expenditure for cars Access to vehicles at...
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