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All the latest articles about business car finance - from finance lease and contract hire considerations to manufacturer specific service packages for SMEs.

rigorous checks

SME owners in the dark about advantages of car and van leasing

SMALL businesses and SME owners spend much of their time at full tilt running their businesses, juggling a variety of different tasks. But an alarming number are in the dark on the...
finance your car fleet

How should you finance your car fleet?

FOR many businesses whether large, medium or small, having a car for staff is essential. They are needed for long journeys to attend conferences, meetings, workshops, events and are great for carrying a group...
manufacturers miss out on broker growth

Manufacturers miss out on broker growth through poor communications and account management

LEASING brokers feel that motor manufacturers miss out on broker growth through not delivering proper account management and communications which is hampering potential growth in the sector, according to a new...
leasing demand to grow

Survey shows brokers expect leasing demand to grow

THE first ever survey of vehicle leasing brokers suggests good times ahead for the sector with 87% of brokers reporting a buoyant market with demand for car leases or other financial...
BMW M4 coupe qualifies for capital allowances if purchased by a company or the self-employed

What are the capital allowances for company cars?

Future capital allowances from April 2018 The government will extend the 100% First Year Allowance (FYA) for businesses purchasing low emission cars for a further three years to April 2021. It will...

How does a PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) work?

WE have Ford Motor Company to thank for inventing the Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) plan. Back in 1992 Ford came up with its innovative 'Options'.Ford's Options scheme gave customers the opportunity...
Businessman with a car bought on lease purchase

Buying a car on lease purchase

The lease purchase car buying low downLike hire purchase but with lower monthly payments followed by a larger final payment This larger final payment is usually called a balloon payment Lease purchase is...
Business woman driving a car bought on hire purchase

Hire purchase remains “flexible friend” for small businesses

FINANCING your company car through a hire purchase agreement has always been popular with small businesses. Ralph Morton, explains why.
Tesla Model S

Tesla’s tantalising PCP pricing for high performing Tesla Model S

PCP package highlights for Tesla Model SCar performance 0-60mph in 2.8sec Range up to 330 miles on full charge Free recharging at Supercharger network,with 20-minute half charge PCP purchase option...
BMW makes motor finance simpler

BMW makes motor finance simpler

BMW Group Financial Services wants to make the complex world of motor finance more transparent and less convoluted.It comes at a time when the UK car market is celebrating over three...
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