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Best electric cars 2019: Plug into Electric with our guide of the best

Running an EV still requires a certain amount of forward planning. If you are an SME thinking about investing in an EV fleet best make sure you have the right charging infrastructure in the workplace.
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Selling your fleet? Here’s how

It may be the vehicle has seen better days or there is a need to replace with a cleaner, more fuel-efficient and cost-effective model.Whatever the reason, there are implications, just like the sale of any other business assets.
Mercedes C Class Estate car leasing offer kew vehicle leasing

How to get the best lease deal

Many SMEs are often unsure whether it’ll be more tax efficient to lease the car personally, or through their limited company. Choosing the wrong option could prove costly in terms of someone paying more tax than they need.
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How to manage a company car programme

A company car scheme is run for varying reasons, but mostly because there are a number of employees who need to use a vehicle to carry out their business.
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Choosing a company car? Avoid the pitfalls

A company car is generally perceived as a great thing to have, after all you get a new car without spending any of your own money.Well, not quite. There are costs...
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Mid-Term rental: take the pressure off upfront costs

You might not want to make long term commitments to new vehicles due to the potential impact of political decisions such as higher VED charges and increases to benefit in kind (BIK) taxes.

Find your favourite PHEV

The main reason for using a PHEV is to reduce the amount of fuel you use and to be able to drive without emitting any pollution for short distances.
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Find out what Fleet Management could save you

DEALING with vehicle management used to be complicated, mountains of paperwork, unexpected charges, time-consuming admin, and countless legal responsibilities.Any business that has a fleet of vehicles needs to ensure the vehicles...
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