Business Car Insurance
Does your policy cover your business use?
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DOES your job demand that you drive your own vehicle for work?

Still got a standard rather than a business car policy?

Well, get it changed now. If you have an accident and your current insurer discovers you were on a work trip, they are unlikely to pay out your claim.

Business Car Insurance: the key points

  • Generally more expensive than standard insurance but covers more
  • Covers a whole range of extra uses when travelling on behalf of the company
  • Company cars and work cars should be insured by the company, but it’s worth checking what is and what isn’t covered
  • Usually flexible and bespoke for small fleets

According to the insurance company, these common business journeys, undertaken in your car, may not be covered by a private policy:

  • Going to the bank
  • Driving to another office
  • Attending company away days
  • Driving to the post office for work purposes

Of course, company provided cars are generally insured by a company policy, but it’s worth checking to make sure and find out what is covered and who is allowed to drive (spouse, for example).

Research suggests, sadly, that you’ll be paying more in premiums for business cover, but on top of the social, domestic and commuting use of a standard policy, business protection covers a whole range of extra uses.

These can include travelling between different work locations, visiting customers and even something that seems so perfectly simple as giving other members of staff lifts.

In fact, pretty much anything is covered when you’re travelling on behalf of the company.

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On the flip side, what about business car insurance for your small fleet?

Many insurance companies offer specific insurance cover for your small fleet. These are policies that are designed to reduce your business costs, reduce hassle and save time.

Usually offered with comprehensive cover, the policies are flexible and offer the chance to insure the whole fleet under one policy and create your own bespoke cover.

On top of small fleet insurance, SME small businesses, whose staff interacts with the public should look into public liability insurance.  It covers the cost of claims made by members of the public for incidents that occur in connection with your business activities. These policies can cost just a couple of pounds a month.


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