Bannatyne Health Clubs get electric charging facilities
Charge up while you get fit at Bannatyne Health Clubs
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MEMBERS at Bannatyne Health Clubs will soon be able to charge their electric cars while they’re taking part in a spin class or yoga class.

Working with charging company InstaVolt, Duncan Bannatyne’s health club empire is to install rapid DC chargers at its sites across the UK.

The installation of more than 70 rapid DC chargers is underway, with 56 already live, and the Bannatyne Group says more are likely to follow as EV sales continue to grow.

InstaVolt’s rapid DC charging stations charge at a rate of 50kW, meaning most electric cars could be fully charged in less time than it takes to do a typical spin class.

Bannatyne Group CEO Justin Musgrove said: “Our health clubs offer members the latest in fitness technology and keep ahead of all the latest trends, while aiming to maintain our environmental credentials.

“Enabling members to charge their electric vehicles while using the health club is part of this commitment.”

The chargers are being installed by electric vehicle charging firm, InstaVolt. InstaVolt installs and maintains chargers for free but charges for the sale of electricity to drivers on a subscription free, pay-as-you-go basis.

Users are charged only for the electricity they use on a per-unit basis. There is no connection fee, minimum charge or monthly subscription fee.

Bannatyne plans to install InstaVolt chargers at the following locations (those marked in bold are live):

  1. Banbury
  2. Broadstairs
  3. Chafford Hundred
  4. Eastbourne
  5. Lowestoft
  6. Mansfield
  7. Newport
  8. Norwich
  9. Peterborough
  10. Rotherham
  11. Wakefield
  12. Worksop
  13. Burton on Trent
  14. Cardiff
  15. Coulby Newham
  16. Crewe
  17. Dumfries
  18. Durham
  19. Folkestone
  20. Ingelby Barwick
  21. Norwich West
  22. Shrewsbury
  23. Skelmserdale
  24. Solihull
  25. Stepps
  26. Ayr
  27. Braintree
  28. Bristol
  29. Charlton House
  30. Darlington
  31. Livingston
  32. Wellingborough
  33. Colchester
  34. York
  35. Grove Park


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